Saturday, May 4, 2019

Stopped Working On The Menu Bar For Now...

            So you will be now wondering what the heck is going on with the menu bar project. Well I think for right now it is on hold at the moment. I have right now hit a snag in the menu bar. I got it setup perfectly but the drop down is the issue it is where it is the drop down. I do not know where the issue is, whether it is the CSS code or within the actually template but the template seemed to be the entire issue really and it will probably need to be figured out and I need some time to think about it and see if I can work something out and see if I can honestly figure it out. So right now I am just taking some time away to try and regroup and try to figure out something else out to what I would like to do but I do have some ideas. One of the ideas is a horizontal menu bar which has worked actually but did not really think about it but the menu wasn't being responsive and even the vertical it wasn't very responsive either so there is an issue with the responsiveness to the menu so I am just unsure to what the heck is going on but I am going to wait till I get more time as this week and next week I have quite a busy schedule with finishing up Big Brother Canada and Survivor Edge of Extinction Recaps for their respected seasons so after that I can work on that afterwards.

               I haven't completely given up on the project but I am planning on trying to fix it and it is a very fickle of project with CSS code and dealing with the infernal template on the website. However I will eventually figure it out and it is growing pains with the website and that is why I have a group of people helping me test it out but never mind on that.  Anyways we test and fix any of the bugs within the website. The website and the community is forever growing and with the growth comes those growing pains as the numbers on this website has been growing as I do not usually brag about this but almost 1900 views last month! So I can see why sometimes things are breaking on the website and maybe has a part of the menu bar partially broken or I broke the new menu and more then likely I broke the damn menu bar so I need to work out the kinks and I am sure it is something that is affecting the menu but I will not give up till I have this website fixed with it's new menu finally.

Oh and also May The 4th be with you! (Happy Star Wars Day)


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