Friday, May 3, 2019

Chi-Cheemaun Ferry Spring Cruise 2019

         So obviously with the podcasts being late tonight however their all up on the platform makes you wonder where I've been lately. Well I have been away up north yesterday in Owen Sound for the Chi-Cheemaun Spring Cruise. We left early as we had a 3.5 to 4 hour car travel to do and that included the stop for breakfast at Timmies on the way up. Well we got there near 10 am 2 hours before the departure which is more then enough time till we left. As you can see there is a picture of the Chi-Cheemaun sitting in the port of Owen Sound and was easy to find when we got there as it sticks out pretty easily so it is very easy to find between Mid October and end of April when it is sitting in port there during it's winter birth. Anyways we go on between 1050 and 110 am EST and we went in through the side of the boat through a door that is on the car deck of the boat which I never knew there was a door there technically but probably for emergency uses I am pretty much guessing

      So throughout the trip we hung out on the deck towards the stern of the boat and up above where the funnel where the diesel smoke came out which you can see on the left side. We had lunch, they gave up Roast Beef, potatoes, cooked beets, I didn't have green or yellow beans and carrots as I am not much of a green or yellow bean kind of person. Also at the bow side inside we had entertainment and it was good and same with the food as well. We also got to go by the Grotto which wasn't visible and some caves as well. I posted it on my Instagram with tons of pics for you guys to see. I will post up some more this weekend. We also to go by Flower Pot Island and saw the Flower Pots. Also leaving Owen Sound the boat gave two final toots of the horn salute goodbye which was really neat to hear. Also arriving the usual horn and it is like she saying hey I'm back home. So it was a good trip overall even though we had to wait 20 minutes for a bus that wasn't full but still a great trip and both my dad and I are planning on going on the Fall Cruise down the road but we do not know when but it is still in the plans but we got some family vacations setup for the next year and a few months. Boston this year and Calgary the following of the year. 


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