Thursday, May 14, 2020


                 As you can tell with my recent post on social media, we have officially completed the website work. Every page is up and running and the entire menu bar is functional and working but just the menu isn't too responsive but it works at some point and going to start work in the coming weeks but honestly that is for my website admin to do as most of the work and design of the menu is complete. As you can see there are two Sections: 'Everything About Reality TV" which houses a ton of pages of podcasts we do.  We finally have our "Other Podcasts" which even includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast and the Archives of past podcasts. Trust me we can house more and you never know what is in-stored for the websites moving forward, new projects, new hosts. It took us weeks to get the menu to function and drop down but alas we got it working. Still a couple of bugs in it but in time we will get it working. You can use your arrows and it does help for now. 

                 During the construction phase of the page, noticed the number of views have been up lately which is truly a good thing. I looked at the pages and they all have gotten good views. The Hours we put in, the lack of sleep we have had to endured it was indeed worth the hours of hard work and dedication. I'm surprised this big project took us weeks and got it done. Took a lot of patience and we had a couple of bugs to iron out on the pages as it wouldn't save but that is besides the point as everything is now fine. I hope you guys enjoy the rebuilt menu bar that we worked hard in the last couple of weeks and we're excited for what is next for the website. Any issues, concerns or questions please contact is and we can answer any question or concern you may have. 


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