Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Reflecting the Past 4.5 Years Doing Survivor Recaps

                As you guys know, tonight is my final Recap for Survivor on Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I had something else in the back of my mind for today and I think today is a fitting for me to reflect on the last 4.5 years of doing Survivor Recaps. I was sooo close to 5 years of Survivor however it is an honor to finish strong on Season 40, Survivor: Winners At War.  I actually really hoped for this and it happened. I started this adventure with Season 31, Survivor: Cambodia-  Second Chances with Larry nearly 5 years ago. Almost 5 years and these Recaps are still going strong. I've watched these Recaps grow gracefully and honestly I have had too much fun with these and do not know why I have to stop now. However, Billy is taking over and the fun will continue and I'm sure you guys will welcome him with open arms. 9 Seasons, I have covered and over 100 Episodes (109 to be exact.) Which a lot to be honest.  This year and wish I did this on the podcast sooner is the Rankings podcast and Billy hasn't indicated I could do it and I will not do it unless he approves but honestly it was a test run to see if you guys enjoyed it. I have been through rough times and really good times with these recaps and have no regrets whatsoever to the content I brought out despite the 1 and only 1 complaint I had about it but most of you guys have been happy with the content. I don't wanna focus on the negative but focus on the positive. One last thing I remember of these recaps was back at the start with Larry when his cat, Charlie who has since then passed on but he was always chiming in with his meowing and it made it quite funny and entertaining to be honest. 

                 It has been a honor to Recap Survivor for this long and like I said the Survivor Recaps are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Billy is taking over and we currently do not know when it will air at this point with the state of the world, so we could be at a dry spell to when shows and this will return. At this time I want to thank my team, Larry (who's been with me from the start), Billy (Who's taking over these Recaps) and Reality Teas (Chris) who is new to our team for the support during this season and input that has helped us do better as a podcast. I will take with me the memories of my time in my studio but don't forget I am still Recapping Big Brother Canada (which will be on Video & Audio ONLY), Amazing Race & Amazing Race Canada (which will be found on Audio ONLY.) I am going nowhere, I will be in the YouTube channel Moderator the chat and joining you guys in the conversation and helping Billy and Chris in anything they need. Like the saying goes all great things must come to an end but I don't see this as the end, it's more the adventure is just beginning for us. Our 5th anniversary is coming up and so much more to look forward to. In conclusion, I am sure Billy will have me on the podcast from time to time and maybe, just maybe I will make 1 appearance a season? That's for him to decide but you never know.

-  Chris

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