Friday, May 15, 2020

Grand Theft Auto 4 Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto 5 Fails!

                 Recently been having issues with Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 4 and I recently completed the Nico missions and moved onto Lost and Damned and there was series of issues with the game in general and trust me I am not happy whatsoever with it. The first strike with this game and trust me there is a ton of problems I have had with it but the first issue it wouldn't let me save the game whatsoever and I had quite some good progress and was clearly enjoying the game so I am not sure what the issue was but really would like to do it one way or another. Not sure how to fix it honestly.  The second issue I had was a saved game couldn't load and I had to start right from scratch all over again which is quite frustrating to be honest. I really was enjoying the playthrough of Lost and Damned as I had the full version of Grand Theft Auto 4 and now I would have to start all over if indeed I was able to fix the glitch in the game. I honestly have had issues with this game in the past on my old computer and my current PC I am having issues with as well. 

                The next part I wanted to rant about a bit is Grand Theft Auto 5. This morning I installed the game and couldn't play it. It told me to uninstall Rockstar Social and I tried and I have to uninstall all games associated with it so now if I wanted to play and trust me I have no plans on playing anytime soon as I am just fed up with the issues I am having and I am going to work on other games that I have just reinstalled recently and there was a bunch that I did reinstall on my computer that I can play and GTA has my dissatisfaction but it is what it is and the game is back on the shelf. It is a fail on my part and maybe one day I will fix the issue but right now is not the moment.


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