Thursday, June 4, 2020

Website Menu Bar Was Tweaked A Bit...

               As you know, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is always rapidly changing. There is a reason behind the Menu bar looking different under the Tab, "Podcasts" However I cannot say anything yet as we need to tie up the loose ends for this project. Trust me I had a heck of a night with frustrations and what not working on this and I thought it had to do with the menu coding itself but it wasn't. After 2 hours, I was ready to just give up and force the project to one certain platforms but now that has been resolved now, it's green lit. I really wanna tell you guys what we got in-stored and even some of our members on the Discord Server got to see what we were doing technically. However once we get confirmation and the host is setup and been tested then we will be announcing where you can listen to him on the air and yes I said he. Let's just say it's an old friend from the chat website I use to be involved. Anyways I can hint all I want really. I know you wanna know but soon you all will know whats up and the plan that is ahead for us. 

              However the changes are live here on the website and just scroll over podcasts and you will see the big gap which in time will be filled in. Please patient with us while we continue to plan and get things setup with our new hosts. Mind you this menu bar is still in BETA Testing right now and we're ironing out all the bugs and issues. We're new to the entire building your own and the entire CSS Code thing so please do be patient with us while we deal with all the bugs and issues. Please do send us a message or email if you see any bugs or issues with the website so we can take a look into it. We haven't had complaints but with the recent work we put into the website last night, you never know when a bug will appear on our website.  Anyways I will see you guys tomorrow in our next post.


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