Monday, February 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [02-22-2021]

              Another week has begun which means, it is time for another update! As you all know, Big Brother Canada Season 9 is coming up, Chris & Jasmine have been extremely busy getting ready and scheduling the podcast plus working on Dino Thunder as well to getting the notes done which he has been delaying time and time again. However this week he is getting right into this season and making sure that he gets it done by March so they can both get back on track as they are aiming for June for the return of the next Power Rangers Podcast. As I announced the chat community is coming back soon and we are working on the website Community Page as we speak. The planning of the website Community Chat is underway and I am currently working on the outlines for the return of the chat on the website. Hoping this week to start working on the actual website and get things underway as you guys have had no proof we are really working on bringing back our Community Chat. Oh trust me it's coming back just preparing ahead of time so you can chat via Chat on a computer, Tablet, IPad, Android, IOS or even Computer. 
             Podcasts continue to air, Pre-Recorded, Live and Audio ONLY and things are progressing very well with the podcasts and the website has seen a significant growth within the website in views and also some new followers to the blog here so we are definitely seeing that growth again despite the views have been down lately but that seems to have smoothed out since then. With the expansion of the chatroom, this should bring in a ton more followers and viewers. We have checked the main menu bar to see if this Chat Community Tab can be added back on. There will be an announcement to come very, very soon once the site is done and tested properly by myself and Chris. Those are the updates for this week, not much exciting happening. Be sure to checkout the Big Brother Canada All-Stars & Half Returnees and Half Newbies Podcast tomorrow @ 7 pm EST and possibly another podcast Thursday depending on the cast Release for Big Brother Canada Season 9. Until next week, have a great week and I will talk to you all next week.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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