Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I Am Back On Minecraft!!!!

              After almost a year or about an year since I played the demo version of the game Minecraft. Well that has completely changed now! I have OFFICIALLY bought the full version of Minecraft with hopes to play it with my niece and nephew down the road when I am done with the current build of the game. Right now I have raised structure with flat stone for the floor. I also splitting sections of the house which one side has a mini Garden Center and another side that is pure cement which took me hours to place stone after stone to make it one solid ground and the reason behind that is to have a spot to dig down way into the ground and literally go explore.  The back half is the barn which will be in two parts on the top with a tunnel way to go up to where the actual railway will be eventually when I get to that later on and I will get the details to you guys and pictures in a different post. Anyways, the bottom will have animals and the top half will house the horses and will be the Horse Palace where the Horses will be housed. Now back to the other side of the house the left will be home to chests and furnaces to get things done with upstairs with the library and enchantment table and maybe a Lab for potions down the road too.

              Now while building I have noticed with the game some new enemies, Pillagers and this Traveler which he/she is staying in the village which is cool and he brought in 2 Llamas with him so that is kind of cool but he has a dark house as I am currently still building the 2 story house in two parts of this amazing Village which is amazing. I had to actually to fight off Zombies, Creepers, Skelton's, Pillagers and Endermen which there was a bunch deaths and me raging like no tomorrow but it isn't me without a few curse words aka the f word dropped and almost wanting to quit but I didn't as I wanted to to really wanted to bring this new idea to the table and I had a ton to bring to the table with this village like. Originally I was going to go Ewok style but decided to give it my own spin to it and make it my own village and add the villagers to the village community. I will have more once I get moving on actual play and growing and adding all these cool new things to the list. 


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