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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Website Talk & Why I Am Not Getting The Views I Use To Have!

               Recently the views in the analytics recently have really dipped down in the views which is greatly concerning to a point I was considering certain actions which I bailed out on. I think you guys were getting confused by the Menu bar changes as you got adjusted to the current one which I can tell you guys, we are reverting back to that version so you guys are a bit happier. Another thing that probably ticked you guys off was the removal of the chat and also Discord Server well you can thank the Trolls for that honestly. However with the recent changes to the website with the menu the views have gone up a bit more recently and that could of had to do with the holidays a month ago as nobody was as active online and it is totally understandable. I admit we screwed up making too many changes all at once and we need to rectify that once and for all. I messed this website up and we're removing pages from the website, production will be moved under About Page and the Team Page will have it's own place on the main menu and as for the Frequently Asked Questions that will, well be moved under the Contact Page.

              You can see there, we have ideas to fix this entire issue and it will just take some time to fix some of the issues. I know we shouldn't be changing things around all the time and we realize that we need to get things fixed and revert to a version of the website we once had since you guys do not seem to be happy whatsoever and we hear you guys and we will make this right again. I sound like Mike Holmes from his reno shows on TV.... LOL! The changes will include The CBOTW Show within the plan and I cannot explain what work is being done on the website exactly at this moment but you guys will know soon enough what we have planned and when we switch over the code to the original coding from before. Anyways that is what I had to say and tomorrow I wanna talk about having Autism and dealing with this pandemic. Next Tuesday I will talk about the plan with The CBOTW Show, I promise.