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Monday, July 13, 2020

The CBOTW Show Hit It's 275th Episode Yesterday!

             For those who didn't know that yesterday, we hit our 275th Episode of The CBOTW Show! However I know it only had about 9 episodes in total but with the merger of the two podcasts it has gained a ton more episodes. However I shouldn't be complaining really as the podcast has changed so much since the merge and it's time to start this growth of a podcast. But this is the longest running project I have done in episode wise. As you know when the two merged together it gained it's start date to 2015 and it's gained all the episodes hence we are now at our 275th episode in total which mind you it's craaazy! The most in a series that I have done is about 112 episodes and I have well surpassed that mark and now my next move is EP # 300 which isn't that far off from now. It might be me that hosts EP # 300 or it could be Chris (Reality Teas) who hosts it never know. This podcast has evolved over the years and this was the biggest move we have made yet. What do I mean? I literally gave up and retired Entertainment Man Podcast just to continue to build The CBOTW Show Podcast and make this the best podcast yet! I am excited right now with what is in the plans.

              Either way I cannot wait to expose the plans that we have but I cannot say a lot right now till we know further on some of the shows but just you wait. I am working on a timetable for Video and Audio ONLY that is reasonable and will work for us. I can tell you guys this I already got video side of things already raring to go. With our 275th, I am still figuring out what platforms the podcast is on as right now we are just getting back on certain platforms, such as and IHeartRadio but it would take some time actually till it is back. I have to start checking around to see if we have already expanded to others but it is time for this expansion as we're not a young podcast anymore, we're becoming an older podcast and we're ready to expand on the shows and team. However I have said too much and I will leave it at that and here is to another 275 amazing episodes! 


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast-- What Chris Does Has Planned?

Chris has been touch with the team and has spoken about the changes that could happen to this podcast. He has struggled to get working on it but recently he's been on a tear with this and could see July recording happening. However we have to plan for the future technically and the what if's they cannot make the deadline but he sure as heck is as he's been sleeping evenings and up early part of the night to work on it and he wants to get it done and moved onto Wild Force by the end of the week at the most. He's planning to watch the show all day long in hopes to get himself close to finale. However the plan if this isn't met by first full week of July is:

October 2020: Maybe by then the studio will be open again to the Staff and Crew as you know it has been locked down for the past several months since March as he's shut it down due to the virus. If worse comes to worse he's planning to record in October. I know that gives you a big alarm what about Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder? What about finishing that stretch of seasons? Don't worry he's got a plan moving forward but all we know he's got a plan and going to fix all of this.

December 2020: Now  the next stretch and we know and he realizes that it is two months apart but over the summer he's going to be making it up for loss time that he's lost due to all the changes and the studio shutdown and him not allowing anyone in studio until this is over and we hope it is over soon. 

                 I won't go into 2021 yet but over the summer and fall into the New Year he will be binge watching seasons after Wild Force such as Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury. This will get him up to June 2021 recording and ready to go to for the half way mark to next year. He is planning to record in the winter and June as usual, he wants to make an effort next year to stay on track as long as he has no issues as there has been issues recording but will not get into details. Either way he's working hard everyday on the content and getting ready to record and let's hope it's green lit!


Monday, June 8, 2020

We've Got Some Information Regarding Everything About Reality TV!

                  Chris did his usually digging about Big Brother 22 and found out we will finally know if Big Brother 22 is going to happen and has notified Reality Teas (Chris) of this news and the next few days he's gonna be busy and already has indeed made an alternative schedule to the summer.  He has made the decisions to stay Audio ONLY at this point as someone got into our YouTube channel and mind you we have fixed and now we are working on the website to replace the link on the website Live link on there to ensure it is the correct link. Trust me Chris is pretty peeved off and not happy right now this happened. He put his long hours into the channel and now all that work went down the drain. He's made a new channel and secured it all to ensure we're safe to go. However he has an alternate schedule for the podcast and will be revealing the podcast plans to the staff soon.  So you can see we're working around the clock and Chris has rarely slept during the night and mostly in the evening or the day time but he's working around the clock and he's shown dedication. 

                     So Sunday I will be announcing the plans for the podcast on his behalf as he's asked me to blog a few times this week as he's working on podcasts and the website stuff as I am not good at the website stuff. However I will let you all know what is going on. However Chris is returning to the blog Thursday and Wednesday is my last day posting. Tomorrow he's asked me to talk about Power Rangers Alternative schedule in case him and Larry aren't able to record then. Thursday is about the ideas that's going on in his head with the website. He's given me a list for the 4 days I am covering for him. One last thing to say is he will be blogging but he will remain off Chris B On The Web Social Media for the rest of the week. He will be forwarding me the information every day and he hopes to return to normal by the weekend. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast-- Updates

                    So you guys are probably wondering what is going on with the YouTube channel and we got some news actually on the status on the platform. After it being created over a month and a half ago, we are OFFICIALLY going to launch it even if Big Brother doesn't happen. This came to me days ago and I didn't get to talk to Larry our Co-Founder & Senior Producer of Everything About Reality TV and he agreed to bring Tough As Nails to The YouTube Channel. This also means the channel will be active even before we start this brand new season, our 14th season which mind you it is very scary to think that we are this far into the podcast. So the other part of this that you may be wondering is what about before the 14th season? Well where are planning this both Video, YouTube & Audio ONLY:

June 3rd, 2020 (TODAY): 8 pm EST: Big Brother Favorite and Least Favorite Seasons (Audio ONLY)

June 4th, 2020: Test Stream W/ Larry to ensure we are ready to go!

June 10th, 2020: 8 pm EST/l Big Brother Canada Best Moments Podcast (Audio ONLY)
June 18th, 2020: 7 pm EST- Big Brother Canada Legends Podcast W/ Chris & Larry (Live On YouTube)

June 20th, 2020: 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada Legends Podcast W Chris & Larry (Audio ONLY)

Date & Time TBA: Survivor Legends Cast Podcast W/ Special Guest (Live On YouTube)

Date & Time TBA: Survivor Legends Cast Podcast W/ Special Guest (Audio ONLY)

                  There is the timetable for now as we get towards the late part of this month, I will announce the summer timetable but there's content coming and you guys are also getting video content as well besides the Audio ONLY content. We're excited to be back on YouTube and excited to be returning to the platform! This is only Phase 1 of the bigger plan and honestly we cannot announce the summer stuff quite yet due to the fact we do not know what the status of both Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada 8 is and I understand why if they decide to cancel both seasons or even push. I rather not announce anything till we actually know the status on the shows. I know you guys are starting to wonder but at least one of the podcasts for the summer, Tough As Nails is scheduled at this point which will be announced later date to be decided. 


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Podcast Intros & Recording The Podcast

                Today's post, we are back to the topic of podcasting as I took almost a week off from it to cover other topics within the last week. But alas we are back, or I am back talking about podcasting. I want to focus today basically on Intros and recording the actual podcast. Now the intro I use a royalty free intro that has my voice over. You can find some on Google and if you really want to pay for one then that is fine. Trust me a proper intro really does help you out and gains some listeners. Plus it tells your listeners what you are listening to actually so that is always a plus when it comes to the intros to your podcast or podcasts depending if you have two on the go and I have noticed some host two different podcasts weekly. However an proper intro is helpful to have especially if you guys like a sponsor that you need to promote as a thank-you to them for sponsoring you or even if you are promoting a product that a company that paid you to promote and yes that is still in the realm of sponsorship but it is a great way to get it out there to your fan base to check out and buy. Now if you do not have a sponsorship and you own a website like me, you can promote your website on the intro like you guys all know and hear each and every week or in this case twice a week as of right now as my schedule depends on how many episodes I cover per week! 

                  The next part of today's post I would like to talk about is the recording process of a podcast and I know this is a very detailed blog post and that is the point behind this post really. So recording wise this is the part of the preparation for the podcast is making sure the sound is perfect next the intro track and the voice track is set up as you will need to have two tracks or record then add the intro track on the post production but we will get into that Sunday's blog post. Sound quality is the upmost important if you are doing audio only and if you are on video as well then of course video quality is important. No you do not need a fancy green screen like I have behind me which hardly has been used since I got it but that is not the point. The point is the quality is the most important thing of all whether it is audio only and video quality is good. The final point I would like to make is have your notes ready to go as that is a huge part of the production side of things so you know what you are going to talk about in each and every episode of your podcast. Content is very important and to make sure it is entertaining content so this way listeners will come back each every episode that you produce and post up. Also being consistent with a recording schedule is also upmost important. I will cover the editing and uploading part which will be the second last thing in this series before we wrap all of this up and move on with new posts down the road as well.


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Different Platforms You Can Put The Podcast On

              This is one of my favorite posts to make within this series. So today's post we are going to talk about different platforms that your podcast can be on. Let's start with the basic platform where the source of your podcast come from. Mixcloud, Anchor, Libsync and the one my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" is on are all a good site but I recommend Anchor, Libsync and As you know the history of my podcast where it began to where it is to this very day it has changed forever rapidly fast and cannot believe how fast my podcasts grows and the more platforms you get on the more you will be noticed. Now it doesn't happen overnight but as you keep on producing more episodes the more the platform is getting noticed and trust me it took me more then 1 year to start being noticed. By 2018 is when things got on a roll for me finally. Yes I am referring to me covering Music City and Celebrity Big Brother which really helped grow the podcast even more. 

               Now the platforms I grew on from the main platforms were TuneIn which is a huge directory and no wonder it's grown rapidly on there since late 2016 when I added it to their directory which honestly was excited. Next on my list I expanded to Player FM, Castbox, ListenNotes, PodParadise, Google Podcasts, and also ITunes which came later as I wasn't sure on there. The second platform my podcast was on was called Stitcher which is another great platform and see a great amount of listeners as I check it this morning and more listeners then I had when I first started out on that platform back in 2016 which was the second platform I expanded to. Now those are some of the platforms my podcast is on I cannot remember them all but 13 to be exact I am currently on at the moment. However it takes time and I recommend to not rush expanding too fast I highly do recommend to take things slow at the start then slowly expect. Like the saying goes you can't rush greatness. Now video platform wise, if you want to put your podcast on YouTube I do not recommend it but if you want to with the adpocalypse and being demonetized then I respect your decision but you guys know my thoughts about the platform already. Now Twitch you can do a Talk Shows and Podcaster category and can stream it under there. There is also other platforms you can stream on as well but it would be too long of a post to actually list them all out but worth to even Google it.

                There are some of the platforms you can do you're podcasts and I have made a couple of recommendations but definitely highly recommend, Stitcher, ITunes, Player FM,, but again but still Google it and research the platforms is probably the best way to do it and you will be definitely surprised the ones that you can put it on as I just added mine to a 14th platform that I found. See eventually you will end up where I am being over over a dozen of platforms which can be very overwhelming but totally rewarding especially in the end to watch your podcast grow over the years. Now like I said in yesterday's post, I am now taking a couple of days off from this topic and will return Tuesday back to normal to finish off this series then with other topics the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have a special post as I will be on location with my dad for a food review at an event along with the event itself too. 


Friday, August 16, 2019

Equipment For Podcasts- What Do You Need?

            Welcome to Day 2 of this mini series of Podcasting Help or tutorials. I am excited to be back to do another one of these for you guys and was a great turn out on the post yesterday so it is totally worth to continue this series. I was thinking about doing it every second day but decided to go day to day. Anyways today I am talking about equipment. 

1) Video and Audio ONLY: If You want to go on the video side of things, the equipment you probably need is: If you do not have a mixer a headset does work but still it is worth to invest in one, even a handheld on a stand itself can be the cheaper route for you guys to take. Also if you are streaming it live on YouTube, Twitch or any video platform a webcam is a must. You have to get yourself a decent one as the cheap ones were not the greatest as I know from experience but I got some quality cameras here in the studio now. Also for recording using Audacity is a great program, but there is other programs out there like Adobe Audition, however you can just Google it and see what there is out there. Finally for this part of today's post is the software you use for streaming your podcast live. Now there is a few programs that are very popular these days. First is OBS which is an open broadcast software and it is free compare to the other two you do have to buy a pro to get more features to where OBS is totally free. The link for this software is which I am not paid to promote their software but highly recommend this! Next is X-Split which I used for many years but the only issue is for the free version of the software you have only 4 scenes and I think some features are locked unless you get pro which I do not know as I haven't used that program in a very long time as I am more a OBS user now these days when I do or did stream. Finally is Wirecast which does cost a bunch to get and I wouldn't recommend it whatsoever.

2) Audio ONLY: For Audio ONLY all you need is Audacity or any audio recording program which I spoke about above, microphone or microphones depending if there is one or two of you for the podcast which my studio is setup for 2 mics right now at the moment. I highly recommend to even get a 70 - 100 dollar hand held like I said above even a stand that you can adjust. That is actually how it all began for me then a goose neck and the rest is history but that is a great way to start then as you go on then you can upgrade to a condenser like I have and like I have told you guys I have the handheld which is now on the second boom behind the second screen which is rarely used minus when guests of a certain collaboration podcast is over here talking up snow on me at the wrong time... haha. Anyways start small scale then you can build it up eventually. 

              Anyways that is the post for this morning, tomorrow we get into the beauty of the podcasting world with the different platforms and it will definitely will be an interesting as my podcast is on way to many platforms and I will cover em and what to do. I am excited to get to this portion of the podcast especially. Fair warning after tomorrow's post I am taking a few days off to cover different topics on here so it will be changing but Tuesday we will be back on this topic after a small break. 


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Starting A Podcast, What You Need!

                This has been on the schedule, sorry the list for quite some time now and I want to talk about this to help you new podcasters out especially. I have been technically been podcasting almost 5 years now so now I wanna give back to you guys after the years I have been doing this. So today's topic out of several which mind you I do not know how many exactly, but it could be 3 - 5 at the most tops no more then that. If there is part of this I am missing please do feel free to contact me and I will cover it on the blog. Today's post is about starting a podcast which takes numerous steps to get done. 

1) Microphone/Web Cam- Microphone doesn't have to be as professional as mine Next up is a Web cam especially if you are on a video platform like Twitch or YouTube which I do not recommend YouTube as you know by the situation I went through with YouTube but a good web cam is recommended but I will get into that under equipment later.

2) Choice of Platform- There are so many different podcast platforms to where your RSS Feed comes from,, Mixer, Anchor which Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast uses and yes I gave Rocky a shoutout there! lol. There is other platforms you can put your podcasts on from submitting You're Podcast which will be in this blog series, but not sure. I want to do different platforms you're podcast can be on and think that will be tomorrow actually where I will cover that. 

3) Program- You will need a recording software to record which is key to recording and again that will be under equipment post later on when I actually do that nut it is key to recording a podcast even if you stay Audio ONLY like I have been doing for the past 2.5 years now soon to be 3 years. 

4) Subject/Theme/Topic- Finally you need a subject/theme or Topic. For example for me as you know, I talk Reality TV each and every week and also as you know occasionally the Power Rangers Podcast. That is kind of what I mean is to have an topic or subject and best to try staying on the same topic week but if you wanna just go off the cuff that is good too. 

                     There is what you need to start a podcast and I know it is quite a list and I cover most of what you need and I will talk about the equipment you need and that is actually tomorrow's blog post is about is the actual equipment part as I tried to be short on my points that I made as some of them I will be covering tomorrow. However it is upmost important to have these 4 items in order for a successful podcast and of course its common sense that you need these things honestly if you wanna succeed in the world of podcasting which has become a really big thing these days.