Monday, July 13, 2020

The CBOTW Show Hit It's 275th Episode Yesterday!

             For those who didn't know that yesterday, we hit our 275th Episode of The CBOTW Show! However I know it only had about 9 episodes in total but with the merger of the two podcasts it has gained a ton more episodes. However I shouldn't be complaining really as the podcast has changed so much since the merge and it's time to start this growth of a podcast. But this is the longest running project I have done in episode wise. As you know when the two merged together it gained it's start date to 2015 and it's gained all the episodes hence we are now at our 275th episode in total which mind you it's craaazy! The most in a series that I have done is about 112 episodes and I have well surpassed that mark and now my next move is EP # 300 which isn't that far off from now. It might be me that hosts EP # 300 or it could be Chris (Reality Teas) who hosts it never know. This podcast has evolved over the years and this was the biggest move we have made yet. What do I mean? I literally gave up and retired Entertainment Man Podcast just to continue to build The CBOTW Show Podcast and make this the best podcast yet! I am excited right now with what is in the plans.

              Either way I cannot wait to expose the plans that we have but I cannot say a lot right now till we know further on some of the shows but just you wait. I am working on a timetable for Video and Audio ONLY that is reasonable and will work for us. I can tell you guys this I already got video side of things already raring to go. With our 275th, I am still figuring out what platforms the podcast is on as right now we are just getting back on certain platforms, such as and IHeartRadio but it would take some time actually till it is back. I have to start checking around to see if we have already expanded to others but it is time for this expansion as we're not a young podcast anymore, we're becoming an older podcast and we're ready to expand on the shows and team. However I have said too much and I will leave it at that and here is to another 275 amazing episodes! 


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