Monday, July 13, 2020

Big Brother Canada Is RETURNING for a Season 9!

                 For certain reasons, Chris is unavailable right now to make this post but he sends his apologies as he is spending time with his Fam right now which is very important to him. As I sit here writing a post for you guys, I am excited for Chris, Reality Teas & Larry and the rest of the Production Team that puts on The CBOTW Show on a weekly basis, depending on the shows currently on air. However as you all know is that Chris and the rest of the team have been struggling with the podcasting world as shows have been on hold of not as many shows on the air right now but today changes everything for not just us but the entire fan base. The title doesn't lie that Big Brother Canada is returning for a 9th Season. We found out back last month that the show was put on Hold till we know further with the pandemic as you all know but I guess with the news of us going into Stage 3 of re-opening things. Also Arisa Cox has been promoted as Executive Producer which I have to say is well deserved! She will have a part in casting for the show and also the basic storyline within the house.

                So we are very excited for this news and look forward to the next season of Big Brother Canada. I know Chris really wants to make it up to Larry for no Big Brother Canada Finale this year and he wants to make it up to him. So this is indeed good news and just have to wait to see if their is casting for this season or if they will end up doing All-Stars next season to the pandemic, however it could have online auditions and no open casting calls to cover up the fact that they are doing all stars like they did with the US All-Stars. Will they use the same house design or will they redesign the house again? I would keep it the same as it would save money for production and it was only 4 weeks in the season so they can use the challenges that were not used as they were forced to shutdown production early this year. However we will have to wait and see what they have stored for the 9th season of Big Brother Canada. What are your thoughts on this season? Let us know in the comments below!

- Mark, Community Manager

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