Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Are We Ready To Open Our Studio Again?

               The answer to that question is no, we are not ready to open the studio up to Larry or any of the team at this point cause of the pandemic is still on going and I am taking every precaution we can to avoid getting ill. i know with our studio on lock down still questions towards our Power Rangers Podcast but that is least of our worries honestly and we have a plan in case but honestly not in any rush to have Larry here and he knows this too. Staying healthy and having our staff safe is the upmost importance right now. I couldn't tell you when Larry and I will be back in the studio together and yea I admit to it, I miss seeing him in person. Getting tired of talking to him through Skype when I wanna see him physically in person but again this will be sooner then we expect with restrictions slowly being lifted up here I'm sure there will be a time and place him and I will see each other. Won't be at the mall anytime soon as I am not planning to return to the mall at any point in the nearby future till we know we are over this hump of this pandemic but it won't be going away it could come back in a second wave in the winter but who knows.

               The positive thing out of all of this is Larry and I have a plan to actually record through Skype if this continues to go longer and we have a plan in place and raring to go. Only difference is we will not have the same quality of sound but hey beggers cannot be choosers. We just have to be patient and we need to go with our plan to do things online for now till we are in a clear where we can be physically near each other again, and be together once more.  Right now is not the right time to do that and hopefully very, very soon we can start hanging out with one another again and things get back to a more of a normal schedule for us but we'll see. That is my mini post for the day and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.

- Chris

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