Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Neon Abyss Demo Review

               I heard about this game through Twitch Streamer, YouTuber and Winner of Big Brother 10 and runner up of Season 14, Dan. As you all know I am a huge fan of his and been watching his content for years now and never miss a daily video. Anyways he introduced to his Twitch viewers and I was in his room and I've seen him post up. Anyways the game is Neon Abyss which is a rogue like shooter game. It's like Spelunky and it is more Isaac like as I have had the privilege to try a Demo of the video game. I really like it and in the last week or so I have actually gotten time to try it out and today I got to play and got up to 4 levels down but there is a time limit for the demo but as of today I believe it is released and I need to see how much it is actually to decide whether I am getting it or not right away but either way I like this game. I had a lot of fun and it reminds me of Spelunky and also The Binding of Isaac and I enjoyed my time playing it. I actually got to 4 levels and also beat it in under an hour as I did a speed run. Only issues I have with the game is the coin amount below I cannot see but I think it has to do with the size of the game window which probably can be fixed.

              Anyways this demo I get the grasp of the game and it definitely has a similarity to Isaac and honestly I enjoyed it, I would definitely get this game even if it goes down in price I would actually get it but if it is like 70 something dollars but I think I will wait it out but we'll see as I said today it is coming out or tomorrow around today it is suppose to be coming out. I'd love to do a playthrough of this game on my own spare time. I would give this game a 10 out of 10 and I cannot wait to play it. I might just get the game actually expensive or not I may put some money aside and get it. Once I started to play I got hooked right away. Now I cannot say too much as I am limited what I am currently am playing but the floating eggs reminds me of the orbitals and the actually the bosses were just like on the Binding of Isaac actually. Whenever I get this game, I promise to do a more of a thorough assessment of this game and give it a proper review then this one. Least this gives you a taste of what I've seen so far through the demo copy. Maybe if one day a gaming company may give me a early access to review you never know could be a path but I wanna do more reviews, maybe movies, TV Shows and even video games in the very nearby future.


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