Thursday, July 16, 2020

Start Of My Reality TV Chatter in 2013 (Throwback Thursday)

                This started back in 2013 when I was still a YouTuber, this was before the Reality TV era and when I knew Larry who's now my Senior Producer who really needs to be promoted to EP (Executive Producer) as well as he's done so much for me over the years and deserves a more of a promotion as he's helped me start this entire journey nearly 5 years ago. Anyways I was just tweeting about Reality TV, Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada as most of you know that is when BBCAN came out and actually when I met a lot of you and big shoutout to Alyssa on Twitter who I've been friends and she's been a loyal follower of ChrisBOnTheWeb even before the name came to be... LOL.. I met Sean from Sensibly Cynical Podcast I think last year but really do not remember. Getting old over here, slowly hitting 35... smh! Anyways I connected with so many of you, Dusty, Reality Teas (Chris) who is actually on my Staff right now for Big Brother USA! The list is large I cannot name everyone as we've got like 3200 + followers unless that's gone down recently as it fluctuates on a daily basis.  Either way without the Amazing Race, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Tough As Nails, The Simpsons, Power Rangers And Survivor fans, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing to this day. We have become a big success because of you guys continuously supporting us through all the ups and downs we have, the laughs and the tears. 

                  I am so happy I met you all and made so many great friends over the years and I cannot thank you all enough. 2013 is a long time ago, 7 years to be exact and I am glad I built a bit of a following in that department before this journey began in February 2015 with the trial runs of talking Reality TV before Everything About Reality TV became a thing and then to go on to merge with the now The CBOTW Show.  I remember when I started to tweet about Reality TV I wasn't getting many hits and with me tweeting about Tough As Nails, I've gotten likes from the Executive Producers and host of Tough As Nails which really surprised me actually. Not just that but connecting with one of my favorite Big Brother Alumni, Talla from Season 1. I remember being on her stream I happen to blurt out the numbers 191999 LOL and she said I saw that! Haha. Her reaction was priceless.  I've connected with other Reality Stars some from Survivor, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada. None from Big Brother US yet but never know it could happen. What I am trying to say is without any of the love and support this would of probably gone away.very fast and here we are almost 5 years in still going strong, maybe even stronger then we were before.  That is my throwback story and I had to tell and we've built such a strong amazing community and let's continue to build this community for years to come! 


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