Monday, June 8, 2020

We've Got Some Information Regarding Everything About Reality TV!

                  Chris did his usually digging about Big Brother 22 and found out we will finally know if Big Brother 22 is going to happen and has notified Reality Teas (Chris) of this news and the next few days he's gonna be busy and already has indeed made an alternative schedule to the summer.  He has made the decisions to stay Audio ONLY at this point as someone got into our YouTube channel and mind you we have fixed and now we are working on the website to replace the link on the website Live link on there to ensure it is the correct link. Trust me Chris is pretty peeved off and not happy right now this happened. He put his long hours into the channel and now all that work went down the drain. He's made a new channel and secured it all to ensure we're safe to go. However he has an alternate schedule for the podcast and will be revealing the podcast plans to the staff soon.  So you can see we're working around the clock and Chris has rarely slept during the night and mostly in the evening or the day time but he's working around the clock and he's shown dedication. 

                     So Sunday I will be announcing the plans for the podcast on his behalf as he's asked me to blog a few times this week as he's working on podcasts and the website stuff as I am not good at the website stuff. However I will let you all know what is going on. However Chris is returning to the blog Thursday and Wednesday is my last day posting. Tomorrow he's asked me to talk about Power Rangers Alternative schedule in case him and Larry aren't able to record then. Thursday is about the ideas that's going on in his head with the website. He's given me a list for the 4 days I am covering for him. One last thing to say is he will be blogging but he will remain off Chris B On The Web Social Media for the rest of the week. He will be forwarding me the information every day and he hopes to return to normal by the weekend. 


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