Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast-- What Chris Does Has Planned?

Chris has been touch with the team and has spoken about the changes that could happen to this podcast. He has struggled to get working on it but recently he's been on a tear with this and could see July recording happening. However we have to plan for the future technically and the what if's they cannot make the deadline but he sure as heck is as he's been sleeping evenings and up early part of the night to work on it and he wants to get it done and moved onto Wild Force by the end of the week at the most. He's planning to watch the show all day long in hopes to get himself close to finale. However the plan if this isn't met by first full week of July is:

October 2020: Maybe by then the studio will be open again to the Staff and Crew as you know it has been locked down for the past several months since March as he's shut it down due to the virus. If worse comes to worse he's planning to record in October. I know that gives you a big alarm what about Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder? What about finishing that stretch of seasons? Don't worry he's got a plan moving forward but all we know he's got a plan and going to fix all of this.

December 2020: Now  the next stretch and we know and he realizes that it is two months apart but over the summer he's going to be making it up for loss time that he's lost due to all the changes and the studio shutdown and him not allowing anyone in studio until this is over and we hope it is over soon. 

                 I won't go into 2021 yet but over the summer and fall into the New Year he will be binge watching seasons after Wild Force such as Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury. This will get him up to June 2021 recording and ready to go to for the half way mark to next year. He is planning to record in the winter and June as usual, he wants to make an effort next year to stay on track as long as he has no issues as there has been issues recording but will not get into details. Either way he's working hard everyday on the content and getting ready to record and let's hope it's green lit!


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