Friday, August 16, 2019

Equipment For Podcasts- What Do You Need?

            Welcome to Day 2 of this mini series of Podcasting Help or tutorials. I am excited to be back to do another one of these for you guys and was a great turn out on the post yesterday so it is totally worth to continue this series. I was thinking about doing it every second day but decided to go day to day. Anyways today I am talking about equipment. 

1) Video and Audio ONLY: If You want to go on the video side of things, the equipment you probably need is: If you do not have a mixer a headset does work but still it is worth to invest in one, even a handheld on a stand itself can be the cheaper route for you guys to take. Also if you are streaming it live on YouTube, Twitch or any video platform a webcam is a must. You have to get yourself a decent one as the cheap ones were not the greatest as I know from experience but I got some quality cameras here in the studio now. Also for recording using Audacity is a great program, but there is other programs out there like Adobe Audition, however you can just Google it and see what there is out there. Finally for this part of today's post is the software you use for streaming your podcast live. Now there is a few programs that are very popular these days. First is OBS which is an open broadcast software and it is free compare to the other two you do have to buy a pro to get more features to where OBS is totally free. The link for this software is which I am not paid to promote their software but highly recommend this! Next is X-Split which I used for many years but the only issue is for the free version of the software you have only 4 scenes and I think some features are locked unless you get pro which I do not know as I haven't used that program in a very long time as I am more a OBS user now these days when I do or did stream. Finally is Wirecast which does cost a bunch to get and I wouldn't recommend it whatsoever.

2) Audio ONLY: For Audio ONLY all you need is Audacity or any audio recording program which I spoke about above, microphone or microphones depending if there is one or two of you for the podcast which my studio is setup for 2 mics right now at the moment. I highly recommend to even get a 70 - 100 dollar hand held like I said above even a stand that you can adjust. That is actually how it all began for me then a goose neck and the rest is history but that is a great way to start then as you go on then you can upgrade to a condenser like I have and like I have told you guys I have the handheld which is now on the second boom behind the second screen which is rarely used minus when guests of a certain collaboration podcast is over here talking up snow on me at the wrong time... haha. Anyways start small scale then you can build it up eventually. 

              Anyways that is the post for this morning, tomorrow we get into the beauty of the podcasting world with the different platforms and it will definitely will be an interesting as my podcast is on way to many platforms and I will cover em and what to do. I am excited to get to this portion of the podcast especially. Fair warning after tomorrow's post I am taking a few days off to cover different topics on here so it will be changing but Tuesday we will be back on this topic after a small break. 


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