Sunday, November 1, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-01-2020]

             It is time to make the weekly updates and not much to report really. However I made some tweaks to things. So fair warning this is a short update post as nothing to report that is major. Anyways here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: I once again updated the type of website as this is and I know I went back to my original motto but I went back to being an entertainment website which seemed to work. So what I did was change back to the original motto but instead of 2014 I put the start date when I started up as a content creator which was 2005.

Power Rangers Podcast: I really need to get the Collab done this week and today I have been working on it today and probably one of the reasons this post is now late but Larry and I have to start working on it. It is kind of one of the reasons why we are going on a hiatus once we finish up Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder is to catch up. I do have a almost set schedule in the back of my mind and I know you won't like it but I can say this, it is half way through the year but it is what it is and if we need a break to try and catch up, so be it.

                 There is my updates for the week and I told you that it isn't much as nothing much to report but me working on the entire podcast and that has been the work that I have been doing and hopefully I wanna aim to get to 30th or 35th episode today and just a final push tomorrow to get the notes finished up and done with for the day. Anyways that is the update for this week and I will see you all tomorrow for another blog post which is going to be an gaming blog post. 


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