Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Been Over Thinking This Whole YouTube Thing!

                I feel like I have been over thinking with this entire YouTube thing to be honest and this is why I am making a second post for today. Least you cannot say I am doing content. As you know the team and I are preparing to bring Everything About Reality TV Podcast back to YouTube and I spoke to you guys in the early afternoon about the state of our podcast and that we are planning to return to YouTube soon. After this post went up, I had time to think about things and I think I am definitely over thinking things and I wanna for now take these steps to grow the podcast channel of ours:

  1. Not worry about earning money from the channel and take the time to really grow the channel and build up the viewership on there over the course of time. 
  2. Bring on the shows that we are going to cover on the podcast and fans from the Audio ONLY Platforms. Which really prove to be quite difficult to do at this moment as we are between seasons however. 
  3. Get the hosts setup to stream on the channel and try to stream on the channel to ensure they are up and running on the channel. 
  4. Not to rush the growth of this channel and really grow it slowly. I do not wanna push the channel too fast and was at fault for that when I wanted to launch the channel at the end of a season.
  5. Make a guest appearance here and there and I made a promise to Billy to come on one of his Survivor Recaps as we couldn't make it work with the 2 of us.
                  Those are steps I want to follow and really take the time to adjust to the video side of things. Honestly I will not be live on there as much as you guys think but Chris (Reality Teas) and Billy will be on there most of the time and I am on there on February/March each year. Right now we focus on the Audio ONLY stuff and YouTube will return one day soon. We have to do it when the time is right and with a month to go till Big Brother is to air, we just do not know when it will air to be honest. Just gotta take one step at a time especially with YouTube. 


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