Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What Is The Status of Everything About Reality TV?

                  So I know there is one big thing that wasn't on the list and that is on everyone's mind right now! Yes I realize the big announcement of the current season is still up in the air and I do know a bit of information right now but not enough to warrant an announcement. However this post is about the YouTube channel which is at this point sitting around gathering dust and we are currently waiting till one of the video platform shows which is Survivor which just finished and Big Brother Canada which were waiting for a Season 9. However the question we are waiting on Chris's (Reality Teas) Big Brother 22 Podcast which is one of the reasons we do not even bring up the channel and it's been very radio silent with YouTube. So the answer is we are waiting on the news. Might hear more this week, might not. Today we are supposedly hearing about the Fall lineup today at some point but I am not sure if there will be an announcement separately for Big Brother so it is information we are truly waiting on at this point.  

                  However I can hint as I am not ready to announce it fully there is something in the works for this summer which means the podcast will be active and no I am referring to Entertainment Man Podcast coming back, it's in the lineup and you guys know when it's returning but more like something else is in the plans. Also I got some interesting news which entails the podcast remaining on the air and could have time off between, but you guys will find out soon. We will do a massive post from our team, whether it's from me of the team there will be an massive update coming! There is at least 2 - 3 more shows till we know further. So in conclusion YouTube is on hold for now and kind of why we only currently have Staff that is subscribed at this moment of time and we hope soon we can role out video finally!


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