Monday, May 18, 2020

Power Rangers Time Force Got Me Hooked!

          I know this is been silent for quite sometime but today, I am officially getting into watching Power Rangers Time Force and would like to get to Episode 20 today. I figure 5 hours = 10 episodes. If I can endure 5 hours a day then I definitely can try and get it done. When I get on a roll I get on a roll and trust me I am hooked. It only took me one episode and I was instantly hooked on the show. I absolutely love this season and I know I am not far into this season yet but I will today at some point as I will be getting to work with the season. Either way one thing I didn't know was Wes and Alex are played by the same actor but I will be covering that on the podcast. Least i am hooked on the season and excited to be continuing on with this season and cannot wait to make a move on this season.

           I am looking forward especially to the cross over from Lightspeed Rescue and we have seen as we normally see but anyways I am thrilled by this season and excited and ready to go and to make a tear on this season and get ready for the fall. I find it easy to get hooked on a season but also it is tough to get bored of a season. I can say this, I had a hard time with Lightspeed Rescue and ended up just giving up on it to be honest and to a point where I had to stop but I know I had to watch it for the podcast and once I got into it then I was definitely hooked and enjoyed that season but this time I am instantly hooked with this season.


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