Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Old YouTube Videos Are Not Being Posted...

            Since the announcement of the recent changes with the website, we have come to an decision to not upload videos from his old YouTube channel at this point. I think it is just better to actually not bring something back that ended 4 years ago. The past is the past and now we wanna focus on the podcasts and there could be a dedicated website for that technically but you never really know to be honest. This decision became a most definite decision adding in the Live Tab being added to the website and the growth of this website and to be honest with this addition it's really helped out as we've seen ton more views per day on the website so that helps us a ton in the long wrong and gives Chris the mollah on the website. I think focusing on a podcasting part with the blog is definitely the right move for him and the rest of the team moving forward.

             I know that CBOTW has returned to YouTube and growing rapidly fast now and apparently we're showing up in their algorithm but this time it's different, we're focusing on the podcasts live compare to regular videos on the platform so there is a difference. I know we were banned that never happened here in the studio, it was elsewhere and it is unfair to Chris especially but another post for another day from him and I will be sure to tell him. So the YouTube videos however are saved and he has put them on his 1 TB (terabyte) and you never know with him, he may end up putting it onto DVD down the road. You never really know with him to be honest, like Big Brother "Expect the unexpected."

Charlotte, Site Admin 

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