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Friday, September 17, 2021

Weight Loss Update [09-17-2021]

                   I know this hasn't been a thing for a while as my weight went way up by 14 pounds but that has changed since as I haven't been eating much lately and my weight has suddenly been going downwards. I weighed in as of earlier this week at 236 pounds and now sitting 3 pounds lesser then usual. I continue to lose the weight and cut back on things and I plan on continuing to lose the weight each and everyday. I think the not eating definitely had an affect in my weight which is technically good really and I just gotta keep up with it and I can look back at this post to do a count when I do the next update at the end of October time and hopefully by then I am in the 220's again within 2 weeks so I guess I am going for a 10 pound limit. 

                   However I think I wanna do an update end of every month as I do not wanna bore you with the updates every 2 weeks I think it will be more appropriate and that usually lands once a month depending so the next update would be more then likely Oct 29th on the Friday. I know I haven't said much about the weight loss but trying my hardest to lose the weight and wanna get down to 210 by my doctors appointment. My new goal is 200 pounds by end of the year but that may not be a thing or even possible as I have to lose 33 pounds in 3 months but if I continue to lose I can do it. Few things I should remember to do is cut out cookies everyday, any sweets, sugars and what not and I should be able to lose the weight a lot quicker if I cut out the fatty, sweet stuff I should be good. Anyways that is my little update on the situation and I will talk to you guys all tomorrow for the weekly update that is now on Saturdays so have a great rest of your day and HAPPY TGIF!


Saturday, August 29, 2020

What Is This? A Weight Loss Update?!

               Yes, your eyes are not seeing things! Here is an weight loss update after a little over a month I guess but who knows how long it has been since I have thrown in an update but for those who are wonder, I have been struggling with losing weight. I was down to 229 again at some point but gained up to 234 but now I have actually lost 3 pounds and I find cutting back on food and sugary drinks has actually helped a ton and I am going to continue this journey and I know it's not gonna get easy especially when I get down to 222 again that is what got me was I was not losing anymore but I am going to work on it. My ultimate goal is 200 pounds for right now and that is as far as I wanna go for right now. However, first of all I have to get down to where I was originally and 3 pounds for the week is pretty darn good. I can say this, I will be happy when I am back in the 220's again. But focus is to get in there first and I think I am doing a pretty good job and maybe next week's update you guys will see me lose another 3 pounds and I will be in the 220's again. I am aiming for at least 1 or 2 pounds a week. However 1 pound a week is my ultimate goal, I do not wanna set a high goal at this moment. 

                  There is my update for the week and I am starting to feel a ton better abotu this weight loss journey and I am not letting myself getting anymore heavier then I am. I am heading downwards not upwards and I am ready to take the next step. This could be water weight this could just be weight coming off.  Either way I want to make a correction it was 3 pounds I have lost all together as I was 234 as I did the math incorrectly 234 - 3 is 231 which is where I was. I know my math has gone off recently but hey that's OK I wrote this at 4 am EST this morning so I was just waking up from my sleep as I passed out early last night. I hopefully will have another update next week for you guys with another update but you will still hear from me on Monday as tomorrow is my usual day off and my staff take over the blog with a weekly update for you guys. 


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Weight Loss Update

                 I have been bad with actually keeping up with weighing myself every few days and I should be weighing myself every couple of days to be honest and I haven't been recently. Last time I weighed I was 228 pounds, a little too much to be honest for my like. I want to lose the weight this summer and this week I am going to be working on this. I need to try and lose 3 pounds or even 1 or two pounds a week take it very slow. I am not making any goals for right now however if you were to ask me what would I want for a first goal well the answer is 220 is the first goal for right now is my first over goal. However I do not wanna go over that point as time and time again I failed to get to that point. Right now I wanna slow down my goals for right now and I have a couple of ideas for my next goal honestly. However I do not wanna push myself too hard, too fast. 

                However I wanna do things right this time and I am cutting back on Sugar and what not this time and not having too much Sugar. I will have the one fat day once a week but I may skip out on the one fat days actually and just try and lose the weight then I can add that on later on but the most part I need to lose the weight first and get back down to where I was before. I just am sick and tired of being fat and honestly its against takin effect to my knees again. I need to keep track of my weight every 2nd day and keep tabs on the weight loss from here on out. I need to work on this and this week coming up I plan on really working hard on this and cutting back on things and I am sure it will happen and hopefully another update in 2 weeks. I think 2 weeks apart is the better plan for right now. 


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weight Loss Update-- I Failed To Keep Losing Weight....

                  I have been again struggling once again with losing weight and it is my own fault.  However I haven't really weighed in and haven't been eating much lately as I haven't been hungry or I have been in bed between 11 am and 1 pm EST everyday since I am up during the night majority of the last week or so. So it is hard to report on the progress of me losing weight right now and I need to first fix my sleep then I can work on the weight stuff. The one thing we have been bad with is the fattier foods and that hasn't really helped at all either. That is one other thing that needs to be fixed first. I'm sorry this isn't much of an weight loss update. I'm still fat as of right now and I'm not really afraid to say it either! LOL!!! Yes I know I am making fun of myself and I do that quite a lot and use to it.... ha-ha!

                 Moving forward if there isn't an update then I will not do any update and do a post on the Fan Page that there is going to be a different post. Honestly it is better then wasting your time reading a boring post, haha. Remember I have to remain positive with the weight loss as it won't be easy to lose it all and to be honest I haven't been walking much lately and it's my own fault but the problem is it is raining a bunch here in Ontario so walking is a bit of a problem and why the weight has recently fluctuated up and down so it really has shown especially in my belly sticking out and not many shirts fit so they remain on the bottom on the shirt pile. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

Weight Loss Update (My New Plan Moving Forward) [EDITED]

             I have sure derailed my diet and gained and lost weight on and off and i need to start losing weight and get myself down to 180 - 185 pounds again which is my goal weight at this point. I am going to be cutting down on things but not entirely but I have to have it in my diet but not in a big quantity. So what am I going to be cutting down on? Well here is my list of what I would like to give up for the duration of this diet as I wanna get this diet done soon as I have been on it for nearly 2 years. Anyways here is my list of what I would like to cut down on:

1) Sugar, the amount of sugar intake I have during the daytime.

2) Bread, I think that is part of the reason why I ended up going up in the weight as bread is one of the reason. However, I will not cut it out completely, I will have 2 pieces of bread once a week, then 1 piece of a bread during the week. 

3) Kielbassa as I do not think it helps the weight loss situation but even once a week is fine for a treat so I will not be cutting it out completely but down by quite a bit now.

4) Chocolate which is a weakness for me and I am not tempted by it and yes I have had chocolate once a week during this diet which is fine but I am not making it a habit of always having it everyday but weekly or once and a while is fine.

5) Cookies, Chips, any junk food in general. I am trying to stay away from all of this as it was another weakness of mine as well but I think I have been doing well.

               Now one thing I want to continue is exercising which I have been doing lately and it has helped and Saturday, alone I was over 13000 steps which is amazing and I did well so exercise is going to be one of my # 1 things to do is exercise, go out for a walk for 45 minutes to an hour. Also I plan on busing it to my appointments as the exercise will be good for me to get to my appointments there and back but if it rains then I can always get a ride or just dress up appropriately for the weather. However, this is my plan and I am going to stick to my diet this time around as well.