Monday, November 5, 2018

Weight Loss Update....

                 I have gotten back on the right track and I know I can lose another 4.4 pounds to get back down to the weight I was before I put some of it back on again which was a dumb move honestly but I'm really trying my hardest to lose weight. I need to lose another 11.4 pounds before my goal weight for the doctor in December. The next goal after that is 200 pounds on the dot. Then of course the last 30 pounds then I will be in fit shape and maybe, just maybe my knee will not be a problem anymore and I will be fine. Think that is part of my knee problems is me being over weight and I am just tired of being FAT.... That has been changed now and I look really good but I mean I fit into pants that I never fit into before so it is really nice change to wear clothes that actually didn't fit but now fit me now. I still got a ton of weight to lose and I know I can do it. Today I started a very strict diet of less sugar, less fatty foods, eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables more. Also for a snack I eat sunflower seeds slightly salted, I am watching my salt intake as well but a tiny of salt will be fine. I plan on going out more during the day minus the days that I have to record a podcast but again I am also trying to fix up my sleep situation as well so this way I'm up early enough to get the podcasts done on time this way I can get out and about and get the exercise I need as I set a certain amount of steps per day which I have achieved but I may have to take a step back with the amount of steps I take. 

                  This will be a long process getting back on my diet and losing the weight but at the end of the day I know I will feel better about myself and I already know I am feeling better already and I got this. I am doing this to improve the way I feel about myself and also with my knees which I think that is one of the on going problem is my weight is putting a ton of pressure on my knee which probably more then likely the issue I have been dealing with lately. All I know is that I need to lose weight so I do not have any other healthy or physical problems but it is more the physical problems I am having with my knee especially but the weight loss will sure do me some good. That is my update what I am planning on doing from here on out and I am sticking to the plan and moving forward I will get down to 215 pounds by my annual physical. 


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