Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The CBOTW Show Announcement

           Originally this was suppose to be Favorite movies and I was going to do TV Shows but yet again I did a post so I didn't wanna repeat so I ended up bumping up the announcement to today. As many of you know by my Twitter and Instagram posts that I had Larry over the other day and him and I had a very long talk and we even sat down and talked about the future of The Power Rangers podcasts that we have been doing for the past several months and we both agreed it has been indeed fun and we are planning to continue on with them down the road but our focus is to finish up with the Zordon era and I know you guys understand the reasoning behind it as this fits into the empty schedule slots of The CBOTW Show. Mind you, Everything About Reality TV still has the greater priority but both I do enjoy producing for you guys.  We and I see we as I am also speaking for Larry as well, that we have been talking about the end of the Zordon Era for the past few weeks and once we were together to discuss and we both agreed this is so much damn fun we want to continue so we both had a mutual agreement but this is not the OFFICIAL announcement to the renewal and it is coming just sometime in the spring. I am hoping to actually announce that at the Big Brother Canada Finale and possibly on the podcast at the end of the episode.

                The announcement that I have has to do with the end of The Zordon era. As you know we did 3 at once, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1 - 3, Then Zeo, season 4, & Turbo,  Season 5. Finally that leaves Power Rangers In Space which is all on it's own as you know by now we record 2 seasons a session. This leaves open a void for the final recording of these episodes. What both Larry and I came up with is a discussion or a Round Table Podcast dedicated to the Zordon Era talking about different things over the 6 seasons we have covered. I will not go into full on details on it but I am excited what we will be bringing to you guys to conclude this era. We went at great length discussing what topics we can discuss. Either way I am stoked to be wrapping up this era and moving into a next set of episodes. This is probably the most exciting news I have had in a very long time. the CBOTW Show has done so well since it's inception and is catching up with Everything About Reality TV in the way of viewership. I wasn't expecting it to do this well so soon and I am very much proud of the podcast and it's success that it has become and it isn't over anytime soon!


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