Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Walking Dead Game: I Am Still Stuck On It!

             I admit it I haven't touched the Walking Dead video game in a few months as I am completely stuck but will have to watch YouTube videos to how to beat being in the back of the truck scene I believe at the hotel or motel, whatever you wanna call it.  I am or got very frustrated with the game so I put it to the side for now but I need to get back into it if I am to ever beat it. I should keep on trying, just like I do with The Binding of Isaac. I just do not know why I let the frustration get to me and maybe it is time I just keep on trying and like I said one thing I find helpful is YouTube which got me through Grand Theft Auto 4 and the hard decisions I had to make in the game. This is one of the toughest games I have played yet but I do enjoy the challenges that is behind a video games and makes me think on my feet too when it is time to make those tough and painful decisions. I am planning to to re watch Dan Gheesling's play through of The Walking Dead and learn what I need to do to move forward in the game. He is probably the best person as I do remember his play through of the game and I think it will be very helpful. It is like a tool for me to help me to succeed in the game.

              Video games can be tough but also the challenge is what I like in a video game is the challenge and toughness of the game. Look at Minecraft it took me years to beat the Ender Dragon or The Binding of Isaac that has taken me years and years to beat it and yet I am not there yet but getting so close! It is tough and I know and realize I am a fast learner but when learning a game such as The Walking Dead, it does take some time to learn and learn the keys that are involved in the game. Every game has different keys to learn whether it is Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac or Call of Duty, I am always trying to remember each and every key that there is in the game and trust me when there is many games like when I play tons of games on my list right now I am trying to knock off my list and I will get it down in time and The Walking Dead is one of the games I will get finished.

              I consider playing video games a learning curve for me and it can be a point of me giving up like I did recently but that will be changing as I plan on getting back into it hopefully this weekend as I plan to take some time off as I got plans with the family this weekend and I will have time between the family time. I am now going to work hard to continue on with the game and watch YouTube videos to help me with beating this game. I just gotta remain positive and just keep on trying and if I cannot do it keep on trying. There is a cut off point as I need to stop for the day and I will always make sure to stop if I just get so overwhelmed or frustrated with the game. But in time I will get it and able to continue on with the game I need to continue to be patient.


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