Thursday, November 8, 2018

Presto Mishap Last Weekend At The Royal Winter Fair (Throwback Thursday Story)

                 As you all know back on last Saturday, I went to The 96th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. You all do know that everything at the Royal went fine, there was no problem with that which brings me up to towards the end where I just lost it and got mad out of nowhere. I let my head wander on our way back to the Horse Palace and that is when I realized I did indeed forgot to tap out on my Presto Card. What is a presto? I put money on it that I can tap on and off my local transit but also Go Transit, TTC and other transit systems that use the Presto system here in Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area. At first I was livid, pissed off. Not at my dad, I was more pissed off at myself and I ended up putting myself down, calling myself stupid that I indeed forgot to tap off. We all make these mistakes but my main concern was the fact I was going to lose money on my card due to this very stupid and idiotic mistake I made. Yes it really sucks but it is just another life lesson I have made and I need to learn to remember and I know at these events it can be hard to remember everything. There is so much that processes in my head during these and so much to see and do there so I can see where my head was wondering off on me. Also the fact I was so excited to be there and see what the fair gave us this year.

                 There is a second side of this, Presto has changed things around where it cuts it off at a certain point when you forget to tap off let's say from where I live all the way into Exhibition Place in Toronto, they will cut off the amount at Toronto Union Station which is great. They never use to have this before and before it was really dumb the way they had it and one of my former staff from back in the YouTube era that helped me made the same mistake as I did but he had to get the amount put back onto the card but I didn't. I re tapped and tried to tap twice but it wouldn't let me so it automatically tapped off for me when I made the mistake. I like the new system they got now, it is so much better and I didn't have to call up Presto to fix my screw up. It would of taken me a day or two for it to get back on and I would of had to re fill my presto card at the ticket booth. If Exhibition ticket office wasn't opened we would of had to take the streetcar to Union to re fill it which meant extra time in Toronto itself but least that wasn't the case as my dad looked it up on our way home on the train. Was a eventful day and even with this slight mistake that was made I am going to learn from it and not make this mistake again in the near future.


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