Friday, November 9, 2018

My Patience With Waiting For Twitch To Re-Activate My Account Is Wearing Thin....

           It has been no secret I wanted to return to Twitch but someone got into my account deactivating it on me. I have requested to have em back on but Twitch isn't reactivating it whatsoever. So at this point I have to say thanks but no thanks to me returning at this point of time. I really wanted to return as I had tons of plans from the top of my head, especially with Big Brother Canada coming up in a few months I was hoping to do a live discussion on the live feeds if they do a competition live on the feeds. There I said it. How though in the world am I suppose to do this idea? Nothing! I have enough patience with them but at this point my patience has worn very much thin. There is so much patience I can have honestly with them and at this point I think I just want to move on and keep my focus on the podcasts both The CBOTW Show & Everything About Reality TV. I am a very patient person but for me to wait this long that is when my patience will be indeed tested and trust me it's being tested at this point. 

              At this point my main focus is the podcasts and nothing will change. If they do reactivate I just do not know what I want to do with the account... Maybe get it banned as it has really ticked me off to wait this long as it is taking forever for it to be brought back online? So I think it is for the best for me and Chris B On The Web to move on from video broadcasting and keep on the focus on the Audio ONLY Podcasts. Look at em now they have become a very big success and keeps on growing everyday as I keep looking at both feeds. Not sure what I want to do with the accounts if they came back online.... Not bother logging in again? Not sure, as that decision has not been made yet and honestly there is time to make that decision if they bring it back. I think I made the right choice in the first place when I retired from casting I do not know what I was ever thinking when I made the choice to actually return. Only reason now I had an account was because of one of my friends who streams from time to time on there but now I can't even do that. Him and I have to decide what to do next if he moves to YouTube fully now that Twitch won't reactivate but time will tell what he will do for streaming wise down the road. 


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