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Monday, November 4, 2019

Semi-Retired From Streaming!

             I know you guys haven't seen me live for over a month now and it has been a long time since I've casted on my own channel and obviously still co-host after PRCB is recorded on the "After Dark's" however we haven't been live. So I guess at this moment, I am just semi-retired from Streaming minus the "After Darks" that I have done but again not sure what the plan is this week yet if I am planning to be on the podcast or not. More then likely am but we will see what this week brings but either way I still cast but it is more of a co-host but still its a cast. So it is a semi retirement but still active around the community and a big part of Punk Rock Cheeseburger. So I am not fully retired so technically the title I think is clickbait title... SMH! I honestly streaming is not as important but I do stream with Rocky on an almost week basis. My primary focus and always will be the podcasts and with Twitch being second on the list but like I said I am a Co-Host role more. As for the Chris985 account on Twitch, I only use it for listening to shows on Twitch on an almost regular basis and I do follow a ton of different people too.

           I think this is the best decision for me to not stream and plus I have been trolled left right and center on the website but letting it bother me no more and there is something planned for PRCB and I want to wait and yes Twitch is involved and like I said I am on weekly on PRCB and that's it. I am dedicated to being on his stream once a week and honestly I am happy about it. I mean not just happy but I am OK with this change and I wanted to try and get away from streaming a bit more and to be a co-host or guest on Rocky's stream, I am really happy with it. I know we haven't been streaming Friday night "After Dark's" as we both have been a bit busy lately but we are going to get back to it. As you can see on the screen cap I posted on the post here to the title of the post for today, I changed it as I am technically Semi-retired from streaming as I said above. Why did I do this? Well I think it is more suitable that it says that I am semi retired not fully retired from streaming. It was the wrong idea and honestly the original title felt very clickbait for a title. I honestly do not want to be know for being a click baiter so that is why I changed the title and very quickly. So that is what is going on with me streaming and that entire thing about me streaming even to FB Fan Page, more then likely it will not happen at all. 


Friday, October 25, 2019

What Is The Real Plan After Everything About Reality TV Ends?

            I know I have spoken about this before I was part of PRCB (Punk Rock Cheeseburger) Podcast that I would be taking a break from running my own Podcast and yes that is indeed the plan to take a break from running my own Podcast but there is now more to it now then there was 4 months ago when I made the first initial post about this way back and here is the plan:

  • To take a break from running my own podcast as it has taken a lot out of me honestly and I am quite exhausted from it still as I have been going non stop all the way up to September when I had a week to a week and half off which wasn't enough as you know I am planning to take a bit of a extended break unless Amazing Race 32 comes on in the New Year but I highly doubt it but we will have to wait and see
  • I will be continuing on with the Power Rangers Podcast as I or Larry have no plans on stopping that podcast right now as it has become a very popular podcast on my website only and has done extremely well over the course of the last year. 
  • The next point I would like to make is I am going to continue to be involved with Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast each week so I am still podcasting but I am involved both Behind The Scenes, Co-Owner role and also as the Co-Host as the podcast so you can still expect to hear me on the podcast every week with the odd week off from to time.
  • Also I want to continue on going to events with my dad and blogging about it. I also want to do a food reviews as they come as I have really enjoyed doing them and there is some coming up in January with Larry and I.
  • Finally, I would like to say this, you probably can start seeing me stream a bit more on Twitch but PRCB, Collab Podcasts and the website/blog will still be a priority to me but I hope to eventually start streaming and hopefully gaining some new listeners and start re-building my fan base once again for you guys.

                   So there is the plan on what I want to do with myself after my podcast is finished it's what has become an amazing run and there will be other projects that I am sure I am going to involved with and I got more plans then you know it as I have spoken to individuals about stuff and we will be working on that but that will be definitely in the very nearby future. 


Thursday, July 25, 2019

You Got Me, The Rest of The Summer!

            I know things did not pan out with YouTube but what the heck can you do? Since I got home, I thought things were going well honestly. Till this whole entire YouTube thing, now the podcast is back on Audio ONLY as it is just pathetic after what happened and I am now over it and fully am retired from YouTube. Anyways I am pretty all yours for the remainder of the summer. The schedule this week is a bit screwy as most of you know I am just not active on social media lately, I went M.I.A. from it all and the reason is I have been spending a good amount of time with my niece and nephew but after today I am all yours, yes my Aunt and Uncle are coming from British Columbia but I will always have time for you guys honestly. Yes I am back on Twitch on weekend streams but may do an a late night stream when my parents are away, never know! Either then that I am promising by next week to get the schedule right finally! The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of craziness with drama as you know from the previous blog late last night. I am not going anywhere and I will be definitely around my studio a lot more and ready to record twice a week and only a month left honestly of Amazing Race Canada 7 which is crazy and it will be an interesting finish as it is anyone's game honestly! 

           I promise by this weekend I will be more active on social media as I said before I have been very quiet and part of it was cause I was in one of my moods also instead of that weight loss update which now has been screwed over by the amount of food I had, I am planning a review about the Lion King movie as I just saw it yesterday with my parents, niece and nephew. So some new stuff is coming as tomorrow I wrap up the Boston trip food reviews. I am looking forward to the ton of content I have for you guys over the course of August from podcast content to new topics and ideas to talk with you guys and the occasional rant, especially with the recent stunt a certain platform pulled on me which I did discuss last night which I am certainly entitled to my opinion and I was being nice compare to Tuesday afternoon when I was entirely fired up over it. However a certain podcast that is in the pre-production stages is being planned to be streamed over on Twitch down the road once I build up my twitch audience too! More information to come in the near future once I know I am going to definitely do that! 


Monday, July 15, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Constantly Evolving!

           I know you are going to wonder where is the posts about my vacation away over the past week and I promise you tomorrow I will be getting into it as a lot has transpired over the weekend with the recent ban of my EARTVPod account on a certain website I rather not say which one but I always seem to get banned for the smallest things. Anyways this all happening made me realize I should of done things differently with the podcast instead of leaving, we should of just started a separate channel like I have now which mind you can find at and I am happy with this decision to come back and I should of not left. However I probably get more listeners now then I did before as the primary focus of the actual channel is recapping Reality TV Shows so now things will be looking up on the video side of things now. There is an another element I am adding to all this video platform craziness and that will be revealed at the start of 2020 on my annual Yearly plan for Chris B On The Web. I have already posted up one episode thus far and will be posting up another one maybe between now and Thursday night's Live Broadcast after BB21 airs never know and it may be a premiere with that new feature on YouTube. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is always evolving and the description of the podcast on any of the Audio ONLY or YouTube channel will tell you what the podcasts will be on but I will tell you guys here anyways and I know I have mentioned it before but here it is again:

Video (YouTube) & Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
Big Brother Canada

Audio ONLY:

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada
Music City CMT

             There it is and never know, may add on other shows to the list and will be having an conversation with my Co-Founder of the Podcast on the idea but it will really depend if we both can have a collective agreement to do it. It would be another show on the Audio ONLY side of things as probably have more luck in the way of views. Either way this podcast is growing rapidly and won't be stopping anytime soon!  If things change over the next several days with the conversation I have with Larry then I will be doing a new post between in case so I will squeeze it in.


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes!

              Tonight is going to be a busy from watching Big Brother 21 to actually going on the air to actually on at 910 pm EST! I am very excited to be back to live broadcasts and i actually am excited even if I do not get many listeners but I will be promoting it through tonight's podcast as I am posting up The Amazing Race Canada at 9 pm EST but also I will end up live so I can see about bringing in my listeners in if they would like to see me in the live setting of a podcast. So I can definitely bring in listeners if I mention it and eventually people will notice the channel but you guys can follow the channel at It will definitely be great to get back into the grind to actually stream the podcast again. Now the schedule will be changing a tad and I needed to explain the schedule so this is why I am doing this post. So here is the new schedule and have to update the website schedule eventually:

Wednesdays: 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)
                        9:10 PM EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Live On Twitch.TV!)

Thursdays: 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and I think by the week after the 10th we are switching over to Thursday Nights for the live podcast as the schedule for Big Brother will be moving over days but there will be another blog post when I am switching over days but it will be after I get back as tomorrow is the last day I am here before I am off on my East Coast USA adventure. Obviously you wanna know what is staying Audio ONLY and on Video for eality TV Shows, so here it is again since i am really making this happen:

Video and On Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Big Brother Canada
Celebrity Big Brother

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race
Amazing Race Canada
Music City on CMT

                 A lot of changes that has been changed over the course of the last couple of days and change is good but I just gotta get my sleep schedule re adjusted and then I will be good to go one way or another I will be happy with all of these changes.  I literally changed the title of this at least 10 times while writing it this morning.


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

No Secret I Have Been Trying To Revive CBOTW Gamers Podcast

          I know two podcast posts in a row but a lot of podcasting news from the CBOTW Studios but keeps you guy up to date and everyday something seems to change or happen. Now to today's post, it is no secret in the past few weeks, I have been working on ideas to get CBOTW Gamers Podcast back up and running once again. I will give you a bit of a back story to the podcast. I had a co-host for the podcast but it did not work out and the podcast was shelved. they also hosted the podcast originally, then it was cancelled, followed by a revival then shelved for the last almost 3 years now. I just recently decided to start working on bringing it back with me as host but right now it is quite difficult to do with me running both Everything About Reality TV & Collaboration Podcasts but it will eventually come back and is on hold for the meantime. Least in the meantime, I can start working on much newer ideas for the podcast itself and if it isn't the gamers podcast that returns it could be something else but like I said to Eric, I sure have options and I think CBOTW Gamers can be something to look into even on a monthly basis which isn't as much as bad or every second week could work out too for the podcast but I haven't gotten that far in the production side of planning that. But eventually I will and yes I have been looking into streaming it live but again not gone that far with it as of yet. Plus once the website is fixed to the changes I am making to it with the site which I have briefly have mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram a bit so I will have room for an additional tabs to the site but I am definitely thinking of the future for CBOTW Gamers Podcast which can be a thing down the road especially. 

               This podcast has a ton of potential and I know that and I knew that when it was originally in it's original run with the original host who I will not bring up as we are not on good terms but it is what it is as sometimes friendships goes their own ways sometimes. Anyways I am totally taking over this project 150% of this project and I am planning on having guests on the podcasts down the road too and plan on setting it up so I can take calls through my mixer board. So still a bunch of work to do and money to save up but come June, I am working on that side of things. I am getting way out of hand on other topics on this post now aren't I? I plan on even having segments Happenings on YouTube, Twitch, maybe a Gamers spotlight of the month or week added in there too. New games coming out on various different platforms and much more on the list! The podcast is going to be an hour long per episode or per month or whatever the schedule permits but again the scheduling and format has yet to be put together but I plan  on making a template and all I have to do is write in the notes each and every episode. I am excited for this new opportunity down the road and soon as I am ready to go an official announcement will be coming down the road. It will not be on YouTube as I said before, I am very much retired from that platform and the way it's going I am better off elsewhere at this point. I gotta do what is best for me and the podcasts as well. 


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Twitch Suspended Me????

                Well Twitch has really done it this time. I went to the Everything Page and the chat said "Channel Has Been Suspended." For what reason? I never broke any of the terms of service on their website whatsoever. So it really has ticked me off. I feel like they have had it out for me since my Chris B On The Web account on Twitch or even when they still had Justin TV opened and I got banned over and over again over little spam which isn't right honestly.  I admit when I made the mistake to get banned under Chris B On The Web and I have learned from it but now having my channel banned for no apparent reason? When I am bringing a podcast to their amazing platform?! I could of easily kept it on Audio ONLY and pre-record the episodes and not bothered with Everything About Reality TV and not record em live on the air. Twitch has really made me upset and happy with they conduct their website and I am having regrets even to start gaming on there back in 2016 full time. I am definitely having regrets ever streaming on Twitch. I had the right idea to retire from broadcasting all together and should of done it in 2015 after being banned from another platform for something stupid I did.  Anyways, I just do not know what's next for my podcast especially nor where my head is at at this point, I just cannot give a straight answer right now and I wish I can figure this out and fast. 

              What do I mean by this? I am planning, I mean I was planning on doing twitch now in the new year but them suspending me. Maybe they realized someone was getting into my account and did this in case. Last night I was not mentally all there due to the fact I was cursing like a sailor in my own studio and I wasn't happy and it is all normal to be upset to setup a channel that you worked on putting together and this all goes down on you and it is very frustrating. I really did feel frustrated last night and tonight I am kind of changed my tone with the whole situation. I emailed them back calmly and not use of profanity or trash talk them, I dealt with it as an adult and also in a professional matter. There is still plenty of time to decide whether I am going to utilize the platform or I will end up staying where I am at with the Audio ONLY Platforms that Everything About Reality TV is currently on at this moment which mind you is many platforms as the podcast and it is an overwhelming response of this podcast's success.


Friday, December 14, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcast Schedule Revised! (With Twitch Live Schedule)

    I had to re do the schedule due to confusion of the schedule not just for you guys for me and I really messed up the scheduling as I had to add in not just the Live Broadcast schedule but also the Audio ONLY platforms and I spent a good few hours on the scheduling dilemma and why this weeks podcast wasn't out on time like I mentioned but anyways here is the NEW and IMPROVED schedule for Both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show:

Everything About Reality TV-  Saturday, December 15th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 13 @ 9 pm EST

Everything About Reality TV- Wednesday, December 19th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 14 @ 11 pm EST- LIVE ON TWITCH!

Everything About Reality TV- Thursday, December 20th, 2018: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath RECAP, EP # 14 @ 9 pm EST- Posted up on Audio ONLY Platforms

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, December 26th, 2018: Power Rangers Zeo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST- PRE Recorded

The CBOTW Show- Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019: Power Rangers Turbo Talk Podcast, 9 pm EST- PRE Recorded

The CBOTW Show- Fridays (January 4th, 2019): @ 6 pm EST: Music City (Season 2) RECAPS (START)- Pre-Recorded

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Saturday, January 5th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Live On Twitch 

Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast:  Saturday, January 5th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Posted Up On Audio ONLY Platforms 

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US PREVIEW Podcast:  Saturday,  January 11th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US PREVIEW Podcast:  Sunday,  January 12th, 2019 @ 9 pm EST!- Post Up On Audio ONLY Platforms

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 1:  Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 1:  Saturday, Jan 26th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms!
Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 2: Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday, Wednesday & Saturday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 2: Sunday, Feb 3rd @ 9 pm EST (Covering Sunday & Monday, Wednesday & Saturday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms!

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 3: Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday, Thursday & Friday) LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 3: Saturday, Feb 9th @ 9 pm EST (Covering Monday, Thursday & Friday) Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms! 

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 4: Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST LIVE ON Twitch

Everything About Reality TV- Celebrity Big Brother US RECAP Podcast, Week # 4: Thursday, Feb 14th @ 9 pm EST Posted On Audio ONLY Platforms! 

                There is the brand new schedule for between now and December 11th, 2018 and February 14th, 2019 for now and I know Music City will be going past that but this gives you the idea on the full on schedule what will be posted up when and I have a full schedule written down next to me also so I know what is being released when over the next 2 months from now.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Chris B On The Web Staff, Global Moderators & Moderators

            I have started to be more trusting in having people help me for example but first The Staff are the ones who work on the content and bring the content out to you guys. Now Global Moderators like Billy will be making sure the the rules of any channels or the blog comments are being followed and report if a blog comment needs to be removed from the website. He also has the ability to suggest ideas and features for Chris B On The Web so they have a lot say in ideas and features for the website or for the podcasts.  Regular Moderator is the moderator of any of the chatrooms that Chris B On The Web has. The following is a list currently of the Staff, Global Moderators and Moderators for Chris B On The Web:

CBOTW Staff:


Global Moderators:





              I gotta start small group of people helping me which is fine and eventually I will be probably, hopefully making staff again down the road but right now that is not happening right now as I am very much happy on my own with minimal help but still need help with around the website with moderating comments and being the ambassadors for the Twitch channel representing Chris B On The Web and I appreciate the help that is given to me when I need it especially.


Friday, November 9, 2018

My Patience With Waiting For Twitch To Re-Activate My Account Is Wearing Thin....

           It has been no secret I wanted to return to Twitch but someone got into my account deactivating it on me. I have requested to have em back on but Twitch isn't reactivating it whatsoever. So at this point I have to say thanks but no thanks to me returning at this point of time. I really wanted to return as I had tons of plans from the top of my head, especially with Big Brother Canada coming up in a few months I was hoping to do a live discussion on the live feeds if they do a competition live on the feeds. There I said it. How though in the world am I suppose to do this idea? Nothing! I have enough patience with them but at this point my patience has worn very much thin. There is so much patience I can have honestly with them and at this point I think I just want to move on and keep my focus on the podcasts both The CBOTW Show & Everything About Reality TV. I am a very patient person but for me to wait this long that is when my patience will be indeed tested and trust me it's being tested at this point. 

              At this point my main focus is the podcasts and nothing will change. If they do reactivate I just do not know what I want to do with the account... Maybe get it banned as it has really ticked me off to wait this long as it is taking forever for it to be brought back online? So I think it is for the best for me and Chris B On The Web to move on from video broadcasting and keep on the focus on the Audio ONLY Podcasts. Look at em now they have become a very big success and keeps on growing everyday as I keep looking at both feeds. Not sure what I want to do with the accounts if they came back online.... Not bother logging in again? Not sure, as that decision has not been made yet and honestly there is time to make that decision if they bring it back. I think I made the right choice in the first place when I retired from casting I do not know what I was ever thinking when I made the choice to actually return. Only reason now I had an account was because of one of my friends who streams from time to time on there but now I can't even do that. Him and I have to decide what to do next if he moves to YouTube fully now that Twitch won't reactivate but time will tell what he will do for streaming wise down the road. 


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Twitch Problems Continue!

                As most of you know, you have seen me go live a couple of times to test run on Twitch for Everything About Reality TV Podcast to actually return to video but chat decided to not load for me for no apparent reason and yet I never broke any rules whatsoever. I think I ended up getting chat banned but how when I never once spammed or broke a rule. I even asked my moderator presently in the chat at the time and they said they see the chat so I got my suspicions I got chat banned and I never broke any of the TOS which makes me quite furious honestly as I was actually looking forward to my podcast returning to video on top of the Audio ONLY as well. I don't know how long but Twitch better fix this fast or I will not be returning to Twitch and might just return to YouTube after all even tho I said I was retired from the platform but at this point I may have no choice now with the recent actions by Twitch to come out of retirement and go back to YouTube. 

                I have had issues with Twitch since the day 1 and being constantly harassed and insulted for no reason which honestly questions me even doing podcasts live down the road in the long run at this point. I even was on Twitch today watching streams and the stupid chat there no messages showing up nor the chatters list is appearing so now I have to start rethink things and figure out if I am or am I not returning to video as I would like to actually grow the podcast further but it seems I am just not welcome to the platform and plus I really hated the fact I was trolled and called an effin autistic for no reason and I banned the people for that but yet they came back so I am definitely at this point scratching Twitch off my list for even thinking about returning, even if people beg me to come back, I am officially saying this and I am retired from Broadcasting along with YouTube. I just do not see going live is a fit for the podcasts I do both the collaboration Podcasts and Everything About Reality TV Podcast. It was fun while it lasted and I will have nothing but tons of memories to remember the rest of my life.


Friday, January 19, 2018

My Thoughts On YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

           I found this out last night that YouTube has changed how content creators can get their videos monetize on YouTube. Now creators have to have up to 1000 subscribers on their channel, but also have to have 4000 hours of watch time compare to the older requirement where you had to have up to 10000 views. Also if you are NOT eligible, your monetization will be disabled until you have reached that requirements. Now the blog also said  there is a 30 day grace period if content creator's ARE below 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time, they have 30 days to reach it or their monetization will be disabled until they reach it. 

                My thoughts on this? Well I do not wanna come up as bias about this but it is much tougher for content creators to earn which is not good whatsoever, it is much tougher for them and much tougher for them to earn revenue for their long hours working on their content. I do understand this is to prevent inappropriate videos from being monetized as we have in the past week or two with the recent inappropriate content that went viral in the platform. So I do not understand why they could keep the 10,000 views requirement and have a better system to know if their is a inappropriate video that was posted on the YouTube platform instead of changing the way you can earn revenue. That really has nothing to do with just monetization but the users posting up inappropriate, they need to honestly do better at watching what is posted up. Yes this could help videos not earn revenue but it's not only that, ANY inappropriate content should still be removed anyways and of course it should have a strike added to it or if it is extremely inappropriate it should be more severe of the punishment. If content creators do not earn money, I'm sure they would look at another platform or so something else like stream and earn revenue via Twitch. 

                Advice for content creators wanting to earn revenue? Keep on creating! Keep your eye on the prize, keep on creating no matter how low your watch hours are or how low the subscriber count is at! I know why do you guys wanna hear this from a YouTube wanna-be  from someone who quit the platform 2 years ago? Well I was there at one point, took me years to get the views the subscribers and I know I had between 36 - 38 subscribers but they were the most loyal subscribers I had to the end. What I am trying to say, you will get subscribers who will be loyal to your channel and watch your videos regularly so you will get people who love your content and support you on a regular basis. Keep on creating, you will get to that requirements and you will earn ad revenue on the website. Yes they may have had the adpocolypse at one point but keep on working hard and if YouTube isn't for you and you rather stream video games as you're a gamer, then go to Twitch that is the other option you have.