Saturday, December 22, 2018

Twitch Suspended Me????

                Well Twitch has really done it this time. I went to the Everything Page and the chat said "Channel Has Been Suspended." For what reason? I never broke any of the terms of service on their website whatsoever. So it really has ticked me off. I feel like they have had it out for me since my Chris B On The Web account on Twitch or even when they still had Justin TV opened and I got banned over and over again over little spam which isn't right honestly.  I admit when I made the mistake to get banned under Chris B On The Web and I have learned from it but now having my channel banned for no apparent reason? When I am bringing a podcast to their amazing platform?! I could of easily kept it on Audio ONLY and pre-record the episodes and not bothered with Everything About Reality TV and not record em live on the air. Twitch has really made me upset and happy with they conduct their website and I am having regrets even to start gaming on there back in 2016 full time. I am definitely having regrets ever streaming on Twitch. I had the right idea to retire from broadcasting all together and should of done it in 2015 after being banned from another platform for something stupid I did.  Anyways, I just do not know what's next for my podcast especially nor where my head is at at this point, I just cannot give a straight answer right now and I wish I can figure this out and fast. 

              What do I mean by this? I am planning, I mean I was planning on doing twitch now in the new year but them suspending me. Maybe they realized someone was getting into my account and did this in case. Last night I was not mentally all there due to the fact I was cursing like a sailor in my own studio and I wasn't happy and it is all normal to be upset to setup a channel that you worked on putting together and this all goes down on you and it is very frustrating. I really did feel frustrated last night and tonight I am kind of changed my tone with the whole situation. I emailed them back calmly and not use of profanity or trash talk them, I dealt with it as an adult and also in a professional matter. There is still plenty of time to decide whether I am going to utilize the platform or I will end up staying where I am at with the Audio ONLY Platforms that Everything About Reality TV is currently on at this moment which mind you is many platforms as the podcast and it is an overwhelming response of this podcast's success.


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