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Monday, July 15, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Constantly Evolving!

           I know you are going to wonder where is the posts about my vacation away over the past week and I promise you tomorrow I will be getting into it as a lot has transpired over the weekend with the recent ban of my EARTVPod account on a certain website I rather not say which one but I always seem to get banned for the smallest things. Anyways this all happening made me realize I should of done things differently with the podcast instead of leaving, we should of just started a separate channel like I have now which mind you can find at and I am happy with this decision to come back and I should of not left. However I probably get more listeners now then I did before as the primary focus of the actual channel is recapping Reality TV Shows so now things will be looking up on the video side of things now. There is an another element I am adding to all this video platform craziness and that will be revealed at the start of 2020 on my annual Yearly plan for Chris B On The Web. I have already posted up one episode thus far and will be posting up another one maybe between now and Thursday night's Live Broadcast after BB21 airs never know and it may be a premiere with that new feature on YouTube. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is always evolving and the description of the podcast on any of the Audio ONLY or YouTube channel will tell you what the podcasts will be on but I will tell you guys here anyways and I know I have mentioned it before but here it is again:

Video (YouTube) & Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
Big Brother Canada

Audio ONLY:

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada
Music City CMT

             There it is and never know, may add on other shows to the list and will be having an conversation with my Co-Founder of the Podcast on the idea but it will really depend if we both can have a collective agreement to do it. It would be another show on the Audio ONLY side of things as probably have more luck in the way of views. Either way this podcast is growing rapidly and won't be stopping anytime soon!  If things change over the next several days with the conversation I have with Larry then I will be doing a new post between in case so I will squeeze it in.


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes!

              Tonight is going to be a busy from watching Big Brother 21 to actually going on the air to actually on at 910 pm EST! I am very excited to be back to live broadcasts and i actually am excited even if I do not get many listeners but I will be promoting it through tonight's podcast as I am posting up The Amazing Race Canada at 9 pm EST but also I will end up live so I can see about bringing in my listeners in if they would like to see me in the live setting of a podcast. So I can definitely bring in listeners if I mention it and eventually people will notice the channel but you guys can follow the channel at It will definitely be great to get back into the grind to actually stream the podcast again. Now the schedule will be changing a tad and I needed to explain the schedule so this is why I am doing this post. So here is the new schedule and have to update the website schedule eventually:

Wednesdays: 9 pm EST: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)
                        9:10 PM EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Live On Twitch.TV!)

Thursdays: 9 pm EST: Big Brother 21 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and I think by the week after the 10th we are switching over to Thursday Nights for the live podcast as the schedule for Big Brother will be moving over days but there will be another blog post when I am switching over days but it will be after I get back as tomorrow is the last day I am here before I am off on my East Coast USA adventure. Obviously you wanna know what is staying Audio ONLY and on Video for eality TV Shows, so here it is again since i am really making this happen:

Video and On Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Big Brother Canada
Celebrity Big Brother

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race
Amazing Race Canada
Music City on CMT

                 A lot of changes that has been changed over the course of the last couple of days and change is good but I just gotta get my sleep schedule re adjusted and then I will be good to go one way or another I will be happy with all of these changes.  I literally changed the title of this at least 10 times while writing it this morning.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

What Were My Favorite Platforms For Streaming?

              I know I never spoken which platforms I really liked to stream on and really there were only 2 platforms I really liked honestly... Out of all the platforms I have been on which are a ton of them honestly... Too many to really count and not enough fingers to count really... lol! There are only really two that hit home with me and of course my team back in the day if you remember those days who have been following me since the beginning of my adventure online. I know, I know, stop stalling and talk about the platforms that I really enjoyed streaming on but mind you both of these platforms are no longer around as they have closed down...

1) Now merged with YouNow, it was the first platform I was on briefly in 2008 and boy the platform was on of the best but for streaming wise wasn't the first platform I officially started on and UBroadcast does not no longer exist as well. Met a ton of friends and I got the privilege to DJ for a station which is no longer active both on this platform and another I will mention in the second point of this post today. I was in touch with the owner for many years but recently have lost touch which happens. I really do not talk to anybody from the platform but met someone who was on BlogTV back in the day. The Video Projects Team could of done things differently and just done social casts back in the day, things could of been different but I really enjoyed the platform, it was a great platform indeed.

2) Another site that has gone was the second platform I was on and was recommended and that is how I started to DJ for 2 other stations but once moved over to BlogTV then I was with them for a short time. I once again met some great people and stay connected with them for about 4 - 5 years before I lost contact with them but the fact you were able to cam up was amazing on the sides and that is when I brought a new show in with a friend. Now it didn't last long but we got some good numbers even for a talk radio network. I remember I was in a friends room and one of my staff came in spamming and here comes the Stickam Admin to ban them from the room... LOL... Ahh the memories which I truly do miss honestly!

               There is my list of platforms that I enjoyed the most and honestly those are the platforms I excelled at with streaming to. It is sad that both of those sites are now no longer around or have merged with another website and honestly streaming today isn't the same like back in 2010 - 2013. That is kind of why I gave up on streaming, the platforms were not the same honestly. It didn't have the same feel as before and plus the trolls got out of control and even platforms I am now banned on 2 of em the staff there never really liked me from day 1 so I am in a better place now then I w as before and been a success on my own on a daily basis.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Some Platforms I Use To Broadcast On!

          I know this is going way back in the early years of being doing online media but I thought I would go through each and every platform. There are platforms that aren't around anymore unfortunately as they closed their sites down. I am going to go through the major platforms I broadcasted on mainly, not the ones that I lasted a short time.

          I started on in 2010 on and off up to August 2012 when I subsequently left the platform after dealing with some drama. Then I moved over between to before moving back to Stickam in 2012. Then I took a small break from broadcasting I think between 2013 and 2014, however I know I signed up with Vaughn Live but didn't broadcast much as I didn't know what I was doing as of yet. I believe I moved over to which was closed down to focus on Twitch but I spent a ton of time on Justin TV platform which I moved on as I ended up being banned from unfortunately due to me constantly spamming their chat due to a disagreement.  I did broadcast on the platform (Vaughn) but was a very short time when I broadcasted on there before getting myself banned from the platform. Then I did broadcast on another 2 platforms, however was banned. So I took some months off from broadcasting before I started to become a loyal to another platform which was Twitch. I started on there in 2016, summer to be exact, probably July is when I started and lasted into September when I stopped broadcasting due to trolls name calling, even after I banned and reported them, they kept on coming back. I tried to make a comeback in 2018 and just recently but decided to stop broadcasting all together to focus on the podcasts you guys get every week. Oh I should note when Everything About Reality TV Podcast was live I did broadcast on YouTube as well.

             So the question you probably wondering, am I retired from broadcasting for good? The answer is yes, I have decided to stop casting or streaming some of you guys call it due to the fact I want to focus on Everything About Reality TV and the collaboration podcasts as well. I want my full attention on the podcasts right now, I wanna make sure to give you guys the best podcast I can give you guys. Broadcasting was fun but in the end, it is an end of an era for me but I will always have fond memories of the people I met on the platforms over the years, I am quite happy with the quiet life I am living, well from to time it isn't quiet, it becomes quite hectic but use to it.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Good Old Stickam Days! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This story is going long way back to the early years of me broadcasting and for those who wonder, I started with Stickam before BlogTV obviously. It is another blog post for another day very, very soon. Stickam was a broadcasting platform with BlogTV and other platforms that are now sadly gone and some are still in existed and/or I am currently banned from which I will not get into whatsoever. Anyways I was fairly new to casting and it was a social cast. No music or anything, just a chit chat session and a former friend of mine as him and I kind of disconnected when I dropped using Skype and moved into Discord full time.  Anyways this was just a social cast and I noticed that my numbers were up and my former friend noticed too. We looked at the front of and there I was, my mug was up there. I was like what the! They staff at Stickam must realized I was an entertaining broadcaster which I think I wasn't overly too entertaining. 

                 Also there was a time I was in a room and one of my staff at the time was also in there spamming and here comes an admin or "Staff" from Stickam and booted him out the door! I started to howl that he got banned for spamming. I was the one that reported him as the broadcaster wouldn't kick him out so they sure suffered the consequence. I can say I had some good traction when The Video Projects Team was on there but I remember my last cast before switching over platforms. Yes I played a lot of musical website chairs for many years and I just couldn't stay still during the times I broadcasted. After both Stickam and BlogTV closed down, I was just not happy. 

                I will always remember the Stickam days, I actually preferred that platform over any other platform as I got a ton more views and I got a pile of new friends that I would have over the course of several years, up to the point of me leaving the broadcasting world to be a podcaster on Audio ONLY. The platform will always have a place in my heart and was home for my now former team that doesn't exist anymore due to certain reasons but Stickam was home to the Season 3 Finale of The Entertainment Man Talk Show in 2010, was home to the network that had a couple of great shows on there and it was fun up to having someone underaged but I took care of it with a report to Stickam Staff, it is better me reporting them and getting banned numerous times but good memories lol.  Trolls were fun to play with up to having to ban em from the room. I will always remember the good times on that platform. 


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Twitch Suspended Me????

                Well Twitch has really done it this time. I went to the Everything Page and the chat said "Channel Has Been Suspended." For what reason? I never broke any of the terms of service on their website whatsoever. So it really has ticked me off. I feel like they have had it out for me since my Chris B On The Web account on Twitch or even when they still had Justin TV opened and I got banned over and over again over little spam which isn't right honestly.  I admit when I made the mistake to get banned under Chris B On The Web and I have learned from it but now having my channel banned for no apparent reason? When I am bringing a podcast to their amazing platform?! I could of easily kept it on Audio ONLY and pre-record the episodes and not bothered with Everything About Reality TV and not record em live on the air. Twitch has really made me upset and happy with they conduct their website and I am having regrets even to start gaming on there back in 2016 full time. I am definitely having regrets ever streaming on Twitch. I had the right idea to retire from broadcasting all together and should of done it in 2015 after being banned from another platform for something stupid I did.  Anyways, I just do not know what's next for my podcast especially nor where my head is at at this point, I just cannot give a straight answer right now and I wish I can figure this out and fast. 

              What do I mean by this? I am planning, I mean I was planning on doing twitch now in the new year but them suspending me. Maybe they realized someone was getting into my account and did this in case. Last night I was not mentally all there due to the fact I was cursing like a sailor in my own studio and I wasn't happy and it is all normal to be upset to setup a channel that you worked on putting together and this all goes down on you and it is very frustrating. I really did feel frustrated last night and tonight I am kind of changed my tone with the whole situation. I emailed them back calmly and not use of profanity or trash talk them, I dealt with it as an adult and also in a professional matter. There is still plenty of time to decide whether I am going to utilize the platform or I will end up staying where I am at with the Audio ONLY Platforms that Everything About Reality TV is currently on at this moment which mind you is many platforms as the podcast and it is an overwhelming response of this podcast's success.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Twitch Problems Continue!

                As most of you know, you have seen me go live a couple of times to test run on Twitch for Everything About Reality TV Podcast to actually return to video but chat decided to not load for me for no apparent reason and yet I never broke any rules whatsoever. I think I ended up getting chat banned but how when I never once spammed or broke a rule. I even asked my moderator presently in the chat at the time and they said they see the chat so I got my suspicions I got chat banned and I never broke any of the TOS which makes me quite furious honestly as I was actually looking forward to my podcast returning to video on top of the Audio ONLY as well. I don't know how long but Twitch better fix this fast or I will not be returning to Twitch and might just return to YouTube after all even tho I said I was retired from the platform but at this point I may have no choice now with the recent actions by Twitch to come out of retirement and go back to YouTube. 

                I have had issues with Twitch since the day 1 and being constantly harassed and insulted for no reason which honestly questions me even doing podcasts live down the road in the long run at this point. I even was on Twitch today watching streams and the stupid chat there no messages showing up nor the chatters list is appearing so now I have to start rethink things and figure out if I am or am I not returning to video as I would like to actually grow the podcast further but it seems I am just not welcome to the platform and plus I really hated the fact I was trolled and called an effin autistic for no reason and I banned the people for that but yet they came back so I am definitely at this point scratching Twitch off my list for even thinking about returning, even if people beg me to come back, I am officially saying this and I am retired from Broadcasting along with YouTube. I just do not see going live is a fit for the podcasts I do both the collaboration Podcasts and Everything About Reality TV Podcast. It was fun while it lasted and I will have nothing but tons of memories to remember the rest of my life.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I Don't Miss YouTube or Video Broadcasting....

               Honestly I can say now almost on 2.5 years I still do not miss YouTube... I am quite happy with not making videos but very much like I said in the past, still active in the community under Chris 985 name and the channel isn't active in making videos, just used for viewing etc. I am quite content right now with the way things are even though my .com is now down till the new year at some point when I plan on bringing the .com website but there is a place you can watch my old videos for now till I get that channel shutdown after I down the videos to save to an external hard drive which will keep them on there for good. Yes I thought about making gaming videos for you guys but then I remember YouTube isn't doing as well still or people are not getting notifications for videos coming out which gave me a big red flag and I know gaming isn't doing well and I tried gaming and people did not like it at all so I abandoned the idea obviously.

                   Now for the Video Broadcasting of my podcasts. My podcast are and remaining Audio ONLY from here on out and I have already been planning on bringing my podcast to another platform and again I am very content with my decision to not broadcast the podcast even though I have been on Twitch's case about my account issues I have with people guessing my password to the podcast page which is now deactivated and I wanted it back up but I do not care at this point due to the fact I am not wanting to deal with the trolls. Honestly I have had my share of trolls and I had enough dealing with them since 2015 and I am officially done with it. Yes I still use Discord for calls for the podcast as I have 0 desire to not have em live but I am open to ideas for Audio ONLY but my broadcasting days are done. I feel like broadcasting has served my purpose and I have been doing it since Fall 2009 when I was introduced into it. That can be another post for a later time what platforms did I cast on as the list is endless actually but the most 3 notable was, Stickam and Twitch which now 2 of the 3 are now not in open anymore as they closed down ( & Stickam)


Friday, October 13, 2017

Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts

                Let me say this first, I've been wanting to do this post for quite sometime now in the way of regards of the podcasting world, as you know I am a podcaster on top of the blog posts that I do. So today I would like to talk about the differences from Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts and the differences are and which one I prefer to use that will be in today's blog post. 

                So with Live Video Podcasts, like if you do Audio and also a video platform for example, this means scheduling and making sure you have to be on time for the live broadcast make sure you don't forget its happening on the night or day of the podcast. Also make sure your on time for the guests on the podcast is another thing, I made a mistake on a podcast where I went back to bed and over slept for a podcast to come out which was entirely my fault and I'm an idiot for doing it but making sure your in the studio at least 20 - 30 minutes before the podcast begins. Also notes being done and watching the TV show if you are recapping a TV show like I do several times a week as you guys know. So their are a lot of different things that has to be done to ensure a smooth podcast. Also promotion that I am going live to record podcasts, so the PR side of things for that but both require to promote it out onto social media.

                     Now with Pre-Recording I can record whenever I want on the day of the podcast being released or posted up. It is not as stressful as going live, only thing I really worry about and probably need to have ready for the having the notes ready and in the hand when the time is to turn on the mixer and have the program up with the intro to the podcast ready. So Pre-Recording is a lot better however I still gotta upload it to and also to the website for the player on the website but it's not as nerve racking as going live and even Larry, a former staff of mine even admit it, that it is not as stressful.

                     One last thing to say before wrapping up this blog post for tonight is I do get more listeners on Audio ONLY then I do on video, however if Stickam was still around, I'd probably get more views but being banned and broadcasting platforms are not like they use to be back in the day. So Audio ONLY is my preference, however I am not knocking the opportunity to going live for even Special Finales, for example Larry being here for a Big Brother Canada finale, definitely an opportunity knocking for sure. That is it for me on tonight's blog, hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you on the next blog tomorrow.