Friday, October 13, 2017

Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts

                Let me say this first, I've been wanting to do this post for quite sometime now in the way of regards of the podcasting world, as you know I am a podcaster on top of the blog posts that I do. So today I would like to talk about the differences from Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts and the differences are and which one I prefer to use that will be in today's blog post. 

                So with Live Video Podcasts, like if you do Audio and also a video platform for example, this means scheduling and making sure you have to be on time for the live broadcast make sure you don't forget its happening on the night or day of the podcast. Also make sure your on time for the guests on the podcast is another thing, I made a mistake on a podcast where I went back to bed and over slept for a podcast to come out which was entirely my fault and I'm an idiot for doing it but making sure your in the studio at least 20 - 30 minutes before the podcast begins. Also notes being done and watching the TV show if you are recapping a TV show like I do several times a week as you guys know. So their are a lot of different things that has to be done to ensure a smooth podcast. Also promotion that I am going live to record podcasts, so the PR side of things for that but both require to promote it out onto social media.

                     Now with Pre-Recording I can record whenever I want on the day of the podcast being released or posted up. It is not as stressful as going live, only thing I really worry about and probably need to have ready for the having the notes ready and in the hand when the time is to turn on the mixer and have the program up with the intro to the podcast ready. So Pre-Recording is a lot better however I still gotta upload it to and also to the website for the player on the website but it's not as nerve racking as going live and even Larry, a former staff of mine even admit it, that it is not as stressful.

                     One last thing to say before wrapping up this blog post for tonight is I do get more listeners on Audio ONLY then I do on video, however if Stickam was still around, I'd probably get more views but being banned and broadcasting platforms are not like they use to be back in the day. So Audio ONLY is my preference, however I am not knocking the opportunity to going live for even Special Finales, for example Larry being here for a Big Brother Canada finale, definitely an opportunity knocking for sure. That is it for me on tonight's blog, hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you on the next blog tomorrow.


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