Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stress And How I Deal With It

               With all the mass chaos going on in the last month, the website going down for a long week and a half and the end of the summer season of Everything About Reality TV Podcast turned my world upside down with stress. So you probably wondering how do I deal with the stress of podcasts, blogs, trolls on social media? Well for the podcasts I have my schedule but as you know my life is busy and I go by a calendar and I find it quite helpful for recording. The recording can go off schedule at times due to very hectic schedule or personal life in the way or just spending time with the family but that's OK because I utilize and let you guys know if there is going to be a blog post missed or podcasts have to be re-scheduled for any reason out there.  

                  In the way of workload, well I write a list with the most important thing to do to the least, as you know I was behind podcasts at the end of the summer season and plus the website completely down due to technical issues with the website that became the very last and least priority on my list as I needed to catch up on podcasts first before the website came up on that priority list. The fact to get caught up on podcasts and get content out to you guys in the way of podcasts and plus the podcasts are on a schedule meanwhile the website is not on a schedule and I gave the links for the blogspot page and the podcasts links so it made it easier while the website was down so it was easy to temporarily re route everyone to the other links while I did the necessary repairs to the website.So you can see I thought things over before deciding how things will go for re-routing everyone to other links for the time being and those other links are always there and public even outside 

                   Now stress doesn't seem to be a problem anymore and I am getting better each and everyday with dealing with stress as I now have the tools on how to deal with problems and deal with the overload of work when I end up adding up the amount of work on a daily basis but my motto is I go with the most important and needs to be done first then work on the next important and so forth. That is how I deal with stress on a regular basis and I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to catch you on my next post!


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