Wednesday, October 11, 2017

South Simcoe Railway & Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

               Today I got to go to the South Simcoe Railway on this really odd day with the weather we have been having lately. Anyways we left around 945 am this morning as we had to be there for 1120 - 1130 EST so we can get tickets and get onto the train for the noon train. I pretty well slept the majority of the way and I am completely bushed now after a long day and a rough night as my sleep was completely messed up after 2 or 3 days of straight sleep, the streak went to nothing. I want to have a solid sleep for a very long time, each and everyday but nope, didn't have it that way apparently. We arrived around 20 after 11 am which is good timing and we got our tickets and we were on Car 74, the one car I don't like as the seats are hard but you gotta remember back in the 1920's they aren't going to be comfy and that's OK if it isn't. We got a drink and a chocolate bar as a snack for the time being then headed back took some pictures and got on the train and rode the South Simcoe Railway with Steam Engine 136 doing the pushing and pulling of the passenger train. Engine # 136 built in 1883. We went several miles down the track to the town of Beeton, of course passed the sign, Nowhere which technically we are in the middle of nowhere, just trees around and fields. 

                      So we got off and looked around the yard at what was there, the mural and timeline of what the railway was from the current time to the beginning on this railway. We also checked out the 1057 steamer that is currently under a bit of restoration and so far looks really good and looks like it's gotten new paint added which makes her look amazing.  Hopefully very soon she will be up and running once again and maybe they will be swamping back and forth between the steamers. I want to do another blog about the difference between the two and how I know for both these two steamers and the ones on York Durham Railway.

                       We started to head back home with going through the Holland Marsh which is our tradition each and every year that we do this, we stopped at a local farmers market and got some gourds for the front of the house for Halloween and also we got some Marmalade that I can put onto toast for breakfast. To the most important part of this blog is I'm sorry if I am late but Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my other fellow Canadians out there, I hope you had a great Canadian Thanksgiving and a well rested holiday from your normal daily lives. I sure had a great holiday even though it was partially busy but also quiet with the dinner. I wish I had this blog up sooner but least it is up and I know 2 days later but better late then never right? So hope all had a good holiday and a safe one if you were traveling to see family. I will be back later on with another blog around 12 Noon EST and it actually was pre-written a few days ago so it put me at ease, I did that in case I fell behind like I have just tonight. Have a great rest of your night and I be back later for another blog post.


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