Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I Don't Miss YouTube or Video Broadcasting....

               Honestly I can say now almost on 2.5 years I still do not miss YouTube... I am quite happy with not making videos but very much like I said in the past, still active in the community under Chris 985 name and the channel isn't active in making videos, just used for viewing etc. I am quite content right now with the way things are even though my .com is now down till the new year at some point when I plan on bringing the .com website but there is a place you can watch my old videos for now till I get that channel shutdown after I down the videos to save to an external hard drive which will keep them on there for good. Yes I thought about making gaming videos for you guys but then I remember YouTube isn't doing as well still or people are not getting notifications for videos coming out which gave me a big red flag and I know gaming isn't doing well and I tried gaming and people did not like it at all so I abandoned the idea obviously.

                   Now for the Video Broadcasting of my podcasts. My podcast are and remaining Audio ONLY from here on out and I have already been planning on bringing my podcast to another platform and again I am very content with my decision to not broadcast the podcast even though I have been on Twitch's case about my account issues I have with people guessing my password to the podcast page which is now deactivated and I wanted it back up but I do not care at this point due to the fact I am not wanting to deal with the trolls. Honestly I have had my share of trolls and I had enough dealing with them since 2015 and I am officially done with it. Yes I still use Discord for calls for the podcast as I have 0 desire to not have em live but I am open to ideas for Audio ONLY but my broadcasting days are done. I feel like broadcasting has served my purpose and I have been doing it since Fall 2009 when I was introduced into it. That can be another post for a later time what platforms did I cast on as the list is endless actually but the most 3 notable was, Stickam and Twitch which now 2 of the 3 are now not in open anymore as they closed down ( & Stickam)


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