Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Favorite Power Rangers Theme Songs

             I never really thought about this idea till I came up with more ideas for blog posts for the site here. I always seem to come up with brand new ideas and you guys get to know me not just On The Air With Everything About Reality TV but also on this blog as well on almost a daily basis. So today's blog post I am going to talk about my favorite Power Rangers Theme songs. Now bare in mind with you I have no seen all the seasons yet but both Larry and I been talking about doing every season of Power Rangers 4 times a year in 2 different sessions within the year. 2 episodes per those two months of shooting the collaboration podcast. Anyways here is my list of my favorite theme songs starting from the bottom list to the top: 

8) Power Rangers Mystic Force- Another season I haven't really seen and I have heard the theme song and just do not understand the reasoning behind the theme song but it unfortunately is at the bottom of my list.

7) Power Rangers Turbo- The season all together was just OK, but the theme song probably one of the best parts of the episode starting. 

6) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy- One of my other favorites, the theme is so powerful and fits to the theme of being in space once again since the end of the Zordon era. 

5) Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai- Even though I haven't seen the entire full season of the show I love the fact they brought back the Go Go Power Rangers back which is amazing to hear the good old Go Go Power Rangers incorporated into the theme song. 

4) Power Rangers Dino Thunder- As we all know this season is the return of JDF (Jason David Frank) as Tommy Oliver, but this theme sure has the Dinosaur theme to it and it is a very bad ass theme song to go with the theme and I wish I did put up higher in my list but it sure does make my top 8 list.

3) Power Rangers In Space- Love this theme as it sure has the space theme that fits to the theme of the season. Ron Wasserman did such an amazing job and the soundtrack behind the show is really great on top of this theme song as well!

2) Power Rangers Zeo- This version makes you think the rangers are very much stronger then they were back in Mighty Morphin. This theme is really one of my second favorites on my list on this post today. Also the fact this is a continuation from where they left off after the command center was blown to pieces.

1) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- Nothing like the original theme song and the famous Go, Go Power Rangers theme song, the original is always the best and it is the theme that got this long running TV Series that is still going strong to this very day!

                  There is my list, sorry for a very long post today but hey I had fun writing this post for you guys and this definitely fits into the theme of the collab Podcasts I am doing with Larry right now, this was inspired by the Power Rangers Collab Podcast currently going on right now at this time.


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