Monday, September 3, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Updated YET Again)

                I have to yet again update you guys as I was informed that Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2 will be happening after Big Brother Canada 7 ends, which puts me into a very tough spot with Chris B On The Web and what the plan is now since I have to redo my entire timetable but that's OK, I can't be a complainer, still will be doing the podcast coverage on both in the Summer which an announcement will be coming later on in Spring 2019. Anyways, here is my timetable re-schedule:

Fall 2018 (September - December 2018):

Survivor: David Vs Goliath, Thursdays @ 9 pm EST

Spring 2019: (March - May 2019): 

Survivor, Season 38, Times TBA

Big Brother Canada 7 (Scheduled For Twice a Week), Times TBA

Shows That Are Pending a Schedule: 

Amazing Race 31, Times TBA

Music City on CMT, Times TBA

Amazing Race 32, TBA?
                  Again, if I have to once again, I will update the schedule or timetable for you guys if I really have to, I feel bad I am all over the place but things do change and I appreciate my Alumni/Former team member looking out for me and have a lot of say when it comes to Chris B On The Web and it was one of my former team members that mentioned this to me today when I asked them and they mentioned it...  But that is what we could be looking at for a podcast timetable, I kept out the summer timetable until we know what the schedule is. Also I am hearing rumors about Amazing Race 32 is now in casting so it's on the list in question when it will happen. Either way this will be an exciting next year for the podcast and excited for the future of the podcast!


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