Saturday, September 15, 2018

Twitch Problems Continue!

                As most of you know, you have seen me go live a couple of times to test run on Twitch for Everything About Reality TV Podcast to actually return to video but chat decided to not load for me for no apparent reason and yet I never broke any rules whatsoever. I think I ended up getting chat banned but how when I never once spammed or broke a rule. I even asked my moderator presently in the chat at the time and they said they see the chat so I got my suspicions I got chat banned and I never broke any of the TOS which makes me quite furious honestly as I was actually looking forward to my podcast returning to video on top of the Audio ONLY as well. I don't know how long but Twitch better fix this fast or I will not be returning to Twitch and might just return to YouTube after all even tho I said I was retired from the platform but at this point I may have no choice now with the recent actions by Twitch to come out of retirement and go back to YouTube. 

                I have had issues with Twitch since the day 1 and being constantly harassed and insulted for no reason which honestly questions me even doing podcasts live down the road in the long run at this point. I even was on Twitch today watching streams and the stupid chat there no messages showing up nor the chatters list is appearing so now I have to start rethink things and figure out if I am or am I not returning to video as I would like to actually grow the podcast further but it seems I am just not welcome to the platform and plus I really hated the fact I was trolled and called an effin autistic for no reason and I banned the people for that but yet they came back so I am definitely at this point scratching Twitch off my list for even thinking about returning, even if people beg me to come back, I am officially saying this and I am retired from Broadcasting along with YouTube. I just do not see going live is a fit for the podcasts I do both the collaboration Podcasts and Everything About Reality TV Podcast. It was fun while it lasted and I will have nothing but tons of memories to remember the rest of my life.


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