Friday, September 14, 2018

Big Brother U.S. & Everything About Reality TV Talk

              I am lost for words what's been going on in the Big Brother world. I already heard about Julie's husband Les Moonves and the allegations and now rumors that Big Brother might be losing Julie the host of the show after 20 seasons now. I do know there could be another host for the show if she decides to step down. We all know it will not be the same obviously but the show must go on and we will be forever grateful for her hosting the show for this long. I heard speculations that the show could not be renewed for a 21st season and the show would just end which mind you I would not be happy whatsoever if it did as it has been my life even before Everything About Reality TV Podcast came into the picture almost 3 years ago.  It wouldn't be the same if it ends. I also know they renewed the Celebrity Big Brother and if Julie did step down which she has not indicated she is anytime soon which is great to know as she wants to stay on with the show. I hope they do go through with Celebrity Big Brother, even if they get a new host like Marissa Jaret Winokur or Ross Matthews for example as they are super fans. Please realize before whining at me in the comments below, that this is only speculations. Nothing is set in stone, nor we do not know if Julie will step down before the season ends. We will just have to wait and see what happens and just have a little patience.

              Now to the main part of this post is the question of the hour: What if Big Brother US and/or Celebrity Big Brother US get cancelled, what does this mean for my podcast and the loyal listeners of "Everything About Reality TV?" I have said it many, many times in the past, my podcast is not going anywhere! It is here to stay! There are other Reality TV Shows to cover such as Survivor, which RECAPS start a little late due to me being away in the states on a family matter. (Yes I am giving myself a shameless plug on my own blog, LOL!) Also Big Brother Canada is going strong up here in the great white north, also got Amazing Race US which now is getting back to the old timetable as I heard through the grapevine that it has been renewed for a 32nd Season too! There is also Amazing Race Canada which I am pretty sure after this amazing season which just wrapped up  it'll be back again for sure. Finally Music City is on the timetable and I am waiting for an announcement or email from CMT when it is as they actually reached out to me earlier this year about the show which I greatly accepted tthe idea to recap the show! 

              You guys will be the ones to know first if something is going off air or changes to the programming of Everything About Reality TV, I will be letting you guys know way in advance that there is change. I am always on the updates with you guys and that is probably one of my best qualities and you are most definitely the first to know and what the plan is moving forward. Honestly I do not have a plan, right now everything is being played by ear at this point of time.


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