Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Thoughts About Mission Impossible 6

                 I know and I realize this was weeks ago since my parents and I went to see the movie but I totally forgot to do an actual review of the money and I hope I can remember how the movie went as it has been about a month since we went to see the movie but I will try my best to explain some favorite parts of the movie as much as possible. So my mom and dad and I decided to go to a movie and chose to go see Mission Impossible 4 which mind you it was a great movie to see. I didn't think Tom Cruise still had it in him for an old timer, well he's in his 50's now but I couldn't believe how great he looked for being in his 50's.

                  First thing I want to talk about without giving tons of spoilers as I am not that kind of person to do that to you guys but I really like the locations they were in, France being one of them which I couldn't believe how small the size of the streets were there, it was very, very small! Also a country I never heard of but it was a cute little country. There is nothing wrong with that, going to an country that we do not hear about, but hey it is a location they wanted to go and they went to. Now the scenery United Arab Emirates which was beautiful scenery with the mountains and what not it was one of my favorite locations in the movie. Also I really liked France and England if I got the location right but I believe it was England mostly as I recognized London England as well. Also the story line behind the movie was amazing and I actually do not remember Ethan which is played by Tom Cruise had a wife in the movie and my parents mentioned to me that it could of been in the 1st or 2nd movie but I need to go back and watch em all as I have seen only 1 and 3 in the way of the movies and yes I know I am missing out on a lot of things!

                   Finally I highly recommend the movie as it was a great movie, the story line, the plot, the action, the locations it was all great! I know more then likely now it will be out of theaters but once it comes out on DVD, I am definitely planning to get the movie on DVD along with all the other movies. I believe there are 6 movies in the franchise and if I am wrong please leave me a comment so I can make a correction in the post. 


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