Monday, September 10, 2018

Favorite Goosebumps Episodes

               With October not far away and Halloween is upon us very much soon, I wanted to talk on today's blog post my favorite Goosebump episodes as a kid. I know this is kind of like a throwback Monday story sort of blog post but there are a couple of favorite episodes that come to mind that I really like so here is my list of my favorite episodes:

1) "Night of The Living Dummy" 1 - 3 and night of the Living Bride, probably one of the most popular of the Goosebump episodes that came out and more then likely still very popular to this even current day.

2) The Haunted Mask I & 2: Probably the best Halloween episode and probably I think was one of the very first episodes I ever seen when I was growing up if I remember correctly.

3) The Perfect School PT 1 & 2: I found these episodes kind of odd but was a good episode regardless and I did enjoy the episodes even if though it was quite strange but that is why they call it Goosebumps.

4) Stay Out of The Basement: Not much to say about this episode but it is on my list and was actually an interesting episode.

                 This is not much of a list as I have but hey it is better then nothing and I'm sure there were episodes I never seen either or wasn't overly keen on but that's OK, it is a matter of opinion. I hope you guys enjoyed this smaller blog post and hope you will once again read the blog again tomorrow as usual. 

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