Sunday, September 9, 2018

Autism Celebration Planning Event Update....

         I know I actually mentioned the event in one of the blogs before and I actually do not have a date and I am worried it will end up Monday the 1st of October and I will not be able to attend as I will be returning home from Minnesota, but however I will act like the event is still a go for myself and Chris B On The Web but I cannot guaranteed anything if I end up getting a Oct 1st date, then all this planning for nothing. It is not my fault and these things happen but I am going to continue on to plan as usual and if worse comes to worse I will have a board for next year. The wedding is more important to go to as it is family and family does come first one way or another. 

          So I have come pretty far with planning, I got the flyers done and a few of the panels completed and I will be turning to my alumni Adviser this weekend see what he thinks of what I have done so far. I have gotten done the about Chris B On The Web, got past projects I have done both YouTube and Podcasts. I need to do a panel for Everything About Reality TV, bio. I also have to do an information panel on the collab podcasts as I have started to post up the collabs once a week at the most. The 3rd panel that is what I need to talk to Larry about as I have been promoting CICE Program for the past 6 years now and not sure if I want to continue to promote the program if I choose not to, then I am not sure what the heck I want to do with that 3rd panel. I need ideas and what could actually go on that panel if this is the route I plan on taking this year. I surely need to come up with a plan to what I would like to do, that's for sure... It is really hard to decide what is what this time around with limited help and I am the only one working on the board right now. 

             I am however, excited about attending the Autism Celebration this year as I took last year off and I am back, bigger and better then ever and got ideas in my head just unsure how things will look at this point but it will all slowly come together slowly but surely and I am planning to setup a table down here to start putting things together finally and get this board finished. Only real thing that will be updated for next year if the event is on the 1st is the banner and pictures I have on the board and maybe some of the information, event schedule as well. I am prepared for the worse in case worse does come to worse and hopefully this isn't the case this year as I really wanna attend this event really badly.


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