Saturday, September 8, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Thoughts for Week

                First of all I can say this has been the most frustrating season for the Toronto Blue Jays with injuries and not hitting the ball. But since making trades and/or getting these young guys, they seem to be winning a tad bit more but they lost the series against the Rays but they won the series before that which is great. They sure went hot on the bats but you have to remember, the Blue Jays are now a Young team and have to develop. We are just like the Toronto Maple Leafs a young team and I am glad the Jays are taking that same approach and it will be an exciting next few years for the Jays. They are needing a better bullpen, I mean Biagini has indeed gotten better but Tepera I have not been pleased with. If I was the one to make trades, I would still get Biagini and Tepera traded as they haven't been very consistent this season and I have been saying this most of the season to trade em away. I know I have said I have turned the game off when the score got ridiculously high and the Jays getting slaughtered but I just didn't wanna watch it anymore... So frustrating I tell you! 

                 I know the bullpen has been the main problem but not just that is injuries are one of the other factors. Tulo is not back and I have even said it to trade him once hes back next season as he's not played for over an year now and I just do not get it, why the heck they would keep Tulo this entire time and not trade him away after hes been injured majority of the time.  As we just witnessed this past week or so, with the trade of Donaldson, I am glad they are really trying to make moves now and get this team back on trade to hopefully another world series win down the road but time will tell with all these young guys. I like Janssen as Catcher, he's played well both behind the plate and hitting. Also Russell Martin has been playing 3rd base lately and done extremely well at that position. I know being a catcher is definitely hard on the knees and I am glad they are keeping him on the team and putting him out in the infield, which he has done really well, even my mom said so too! 


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