Friday, September 7, 2018

Events Start Next Week (I Cannot Wait!)

                The hard and long months are here as I start going to tons of events for either Chris B On The Web or Promoting Chris B On The Web. All I know is I am ready to go and all of this goes down a week tomorrow, (Saturday, September 15th, 2018) with both the Ukrainian Festival and also the Polish Festival so I will be more then busy that weekend as events start and this is a week and a few days before I leave for Minnesota for 6 days for a wedding so it is a great way to start the events off this year. I have been covering the Ukrainian and Polish event since 2014, yes even when I was still back on YouTube I vlogged the event and but now is a little different with pictures and written text but that's OK I enjoy either of the two of the events. So I will be attending this event all day long and I have been excited for this phase of the year and this event in particular and look forward to eating some amazing food once again. I forget what I ate last year but probably the same thing as last year I will eat again I am sure.  Then the next event probably will be Autism Celebration which I actually do not have a date for it yet. Followed by that will the Apple Festival that is next, then the Royal Winter Fair as well. As for the parades I am not sure which ones I have scheduled nor if I will be at the one here this year or not, unless I get an email to volunteer but I hope I could attend the event to cover it with Chris B On The Web. I want to attend the Port Perry Parade to make up for not going to Tyrone due to the fact it's actually on my birthday this year. 

             Fall is officially here and the fun is just about to begin for me and I know I will enjoy the event and I do realize I had a job interview and I may have to cancel but I will let you know as of next week what is the plan so this event is schedule but I may have to cancel going to the event due to work duties does come first so I know I will make the right decision when it comes to events. Yes I wanna work again as it has been nearly 3 years and it is time for me to start earning money again. That will help me with continuing on with Chris B On The Web for sure. So anyways, I am once again rambling once again but I will let you guys know what is what soon. If I do not hear anything by a week today, then I will be attending but like I said you guys will know couple of days in advance!


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