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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Big Brother 25 Chat

           As Big Brother Canada has now come to a close few weeks back on May 11th, now the focus is on Big Brother 25 in the USA. Now I've heard and I'm sure everyone has heard there are now rumours it will be starting in August. As a fan not the Reality TV podcaster I once was I know this may have to do with the writers strike but again it's a Reality TV show, how much writing in there involved, minus the competitions they do, Head of Household, Power of Veto, etc. 

         However there is a storyline in the game of Big Brother and still it's a show and there is a lot of things that go behind the show. This has happened before with BB10, Dan's season that he won in season 10. That was aired in the winter the last time and this is probably going to be the same situation. Also I should mention on here the time frame for the season is August to November what I heard of.  So I do believe it but we will have to wait and see. Excited what this season brings but there has been a lot of promos on TV so their already advertising it so I cannot wait to find out when it will air. That is the post, thank you for continuously reading my posts every day, Monday - Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Wednesday, February 2, 2022

We're Looking To Expand Our Team For The CBOTW Show

                  I know you guys have heard this song and dance before, but this time I am 100% sure on the decision to try this for the 3rd time now. Yes! 3rd time is a charm right? LOL. I know with the fact I have a great team behind me, yes Amy and Larry. Now this your chance to get involved with The CBOTW Show as we're now becoming a growing show and network. With Big Brother Canada 10 closing in, we are ready and able to start the audition process for two people a host and a co-host that will work great together. The podcast will be live after the episodes on Monday nights and Thursday Thursdays, so we are looking for someone that can dedicate their time to twice a week with episodes. Monday's episode will consist of the HOH, after the HOH and also nominations. Thursdays will be after nominations, POV Ceremony and the eviction. 

                Where do you sign up? You can sign up and I will make this a public post this afternoon only on Twitter and Instagram since my Facebook Group is too small to post it We are only accepting serious inquiries as before things ended not so great. There are a few guidelines we require before applying:

1) Must have a PC or laptop and internet access. 

2) Have a good internet connection as it will live

3) Must be available twice a week for recaps. 

4) Have a good web cam

5) Must have a good quality microphone.  

6) Must be 18 years old

7) Will have an opportunity to host the Big Brother US Version and should be familiar with both the US and Canadian Big Brothers.

              We are excited to grow the team further and will definitely open doors for future seasons and maybe international seasons of Big Brother Australia and Australian Survivor but my team and I look forward to reading your applications and we will be in touch with you guys for a potential Skype Interview before our final decision then followed by us accepting you on by either all 3 of the team members, 2 of us or just myself. There will be another meeting when close to go through logistics technical stuff to going live, setting up both cams for the guests, etc. Also schedule your Cast Assessment for Season 10 and go through with your streaming schedule.  Any questions please feel free to ask on social media throughmy Twitter and Instagram which can be found on the right hand side. Also there will be an opportunity  That is my post I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Big Brother Recaps Will Return In 2020, I Promise!

            I have been dealing with some personal issues this summer and I have not been myself honestly. From friendship problems to family drama to death in the family, I just cannot focus 100% I am only 50% However I am not giving up on the 11th season entirely, I am still doing Amazing Race Canada 7, I am still doing recaps and staying on track with those each week. Right now I need to start revising the podcast as 2020 is going to be a lot huger then this year. Yea I understand I may lose listeners over this but most will understand that my mental health comes first technically.  However with the plans I have in 2020 which I have sort of mentioned on Twitter in the past, Everything About Reality TV will be back to Big Brother Recaps in 2020 for both Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 but for right now I am on a Big Brother break to focus on me. Also to start give the podcast of a bit of a tune-up and plus the fact The CBOTW Network is on it's way back  which I will be changing things but that's for tomorrow's post technically. Anyways I think it is long coming to start fine tuning scheduling and the way the podcast is done come this fall with the live feature being back in play as part of the podcast. More to come tomorrow's post! 

               Like the title of this blog says, I do promise you guys and I want to make sure that this podcast is going to stay consistent for you guys on a regular basis or weekly basis at this point so that is why I have pulled all the previous episodes of the Big Brother 21 Recaps off the feed for now and honestly it is my fault for going off track. I should of been smarter honestly with staying on track. I could of stayed up late, record then go to bed and edit in the morning. However there will have to be a ton of changes in the way the production of the podcast goes come towards the end of this month as we head into the 12th season of the podcast, we want to make sure we get things right the first time around honestly. So with the conclusion of this post I apologize for just dropping Big Brother 21 Recaps suddenly but it has just gotten so out of control that is the reason why I have decided to stop them and you guys are OK with it according to the Twitter poll I have done in the last few hours and it is still going up to tomorrow afternoon/evening when it closes. However as you know the decision has been made already. However you're input is still very much important to me and I thank you all to those who took the time and voted as I said your opinion matters with CBOTW.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Do I Think Their Will Be A Big Brother US 21?

           Well, Do I Think There Will Be A Big Brother US 21? It is hard to say as I have heard from sources and as you know I want to have remember there is liable sources to the answers and I know a few things that I read up: Julie's contract would still have to be renewed or is good with the controversy with her what happened in the summer, I am just not sure. I heard it has been renewed quietly by the source I-ClickTV but I know it can be a reliable source as they actually follow me on Social Media! We will not know until they publicly announce that they are either cancelling the series or they will end up renewing so it is really up in the  air to what will happen and all we really have to do right now is just wait and see but I got some very odd gut feelings and no it's not my flu acting up again and you will see further into today's post. You have to make sure it is a liable source that in fact if the show is cancelled or not. 

               I have a funny feeling we will know further as we are head into the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother US comes and if we do not hear anything throughout the season then I am starting to figure out they will mention it at the 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother? That could a be a very possible chance of happening! That is what I am kind of thinking as a super fan of the show but never know. Worse comes to worse I am thinking it will definitely will out by the end of the season before Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Big Brother Canada 7 start up so that is what my thoughts are that it will happen hopefully by end of the season.

               After analyzing things in this blog, I do think it has a very strong feeling they will be back with the ratings being OK and I thought season 20 was a good season but you are allowed to have your opinion but please keep it civil in the comments. However the concern I am having is Julie the host of Big Brother with the controversy with her husband it is quesitonable but she wants to continue on with Big Brother which is good tho so I know she will be back but if CBS decides to let her go there has been other names brought up, Marissa Jaret Winokur  or Ross Matthew from Celebrity Big Brother could take over. Or the other option is our Arisa Cox from up here north of the border which would be really cool as well. Actually I wouldn't mind any of the 3 on the list to do it but let's not go that far as of yet as we do not know the fate of our favorite Summer time, Reality TV show. Just be patient, when they are ready to announce it they will announce it down the road. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

What Are My Favorite Big Brother US Season

            What are my favorite seasons of Big Brother US? There are a bunch on my list that I have seen that are indeed my favorite seasons and this is the reason behind today' blog post is what are they and why do they make my list? Well here is my list of my favorite seasons by no particular order:

  • Big Brother 10- Dan's first season, as you all know by now, I am a huge Dan Gheesling fan and loved his first season, plus he won the season and the next point on my list is another season he was in.
  • Big Brother 14- This is Dan's second season he was on, came in 2nd and hosted his own funeral. Not just Dan but to have Janelle, Boogie and Brittany back as coaches for the first half, was an amazing twist to the season.
  • Big Brother 13- The fact they had a duos twist in this season, I never thought this would actually work as a season but hey it worked right to the end of the season and I wasn't expecting Rachel to win actually.
  • Big Brother 16- The season that Derek won, it was an interesting season indeed. He definitely was compared to Dan that season.
  • Big Brother 19- Was an amazing and such a wild and crazy season with the temptations and full of drama the entire season as well, it was indeed a wild season for Big Brother and I was shocked Paul lost twice within a year.
  • Big Brother 20- Was another great season and I honestly thought from Day 1 that Tyler would of won this season. I like the theme where it had to do with technology. I haven't seen a close final vote in a very long time on Big Brother.
  • Big Brother 8- The season with Evel Dick, tormenting the houseguests throughout the season and won the season in the end, it was an amazing season and probably one of my favorite earlier seasons on top of the ones I mentioned above. 

                  There is my list, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my list today as I enjoyed writing this post today. I am indeed a Big Brother Super Fan as you can tell and I just cannot wait for another season which we do not know what is the status of the regular summer time show as of it but I am looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother and then of course Big Brother Canada. I just hope Big Brother US isn't ending as we just had BB UK just end it's run so I am not ready for the US to end. Yes mind you I haven't watched BBUK but would like to watch one of Nikki's season down the road but back to topic at hand, I did enjoy writing today's post.


    Friday, September 14, 2018

    Big Brother U.S. & Everything About Reality TV Talk

                  I am lost for words what's been going on in the Big Brother world. I already heard about Julie's husband Les Moonves and the allegations and now rumors that Big Brother might be losing Julie the host of the show after 20 seasons now. I do know there could be another host for the show if she decides to step down. We all know it will not be the same obviously but the show must go on and we will be forever grateful for her hosting the show for this long. I heard speculations that the show could not be renewed for a 21st season and the show would just end which mind you I would not be happy whatsoever if it did as it has been my life even before Everything About Reality TV Podcast came into the picture almost 3 years ago.  It wouldn't be the same if it ends. I also know they renewed the Celebrity Big Brother and if Julie did step down which she has not indicated she is anytime soon which is great to know as she wants to stay on with the show. I hope they do go through with Celebrity Big Brother, even if they get a new host like Marissa Jaret Winokur or Ross Matthews for example as they are super fans. Please realize before whining at me in the comments below, that this is only speculations. Nothing is set in stone, nor we do not know if Julie will step down before the season ends. We will just have to wait and see what happens and just have a little patience.

                  Now to the main part of this post is the question of the hour: What if Big Brother US and/or Celebrity Big Brother US get cancelled, what does this mean for my podcast and the loyal listeners of "Everything About Reality TV?" I have said it many, many times in the past, my podcast is not going anywhere! It is here to stay! There are other Reality TV Shows to cover such as Survivor, which RECAPS start a little late due to me being away in the states on a family matter. (Yes I am giving myself a shameless plug on my own blog, LOL!) Also Big Brother Canada is going strong up here in the great white north, also got Amazing Race US which now is getting back to the old timetable as I heard through the grapevine that it has been renewed for a 32nd Season too! There is also Amazing Race Canada which I am pretty sure after this amazing season which just wrapped up  it'll be back again for sure. Finally Music City is on the timetable and I am waiting for an announcement or email from CMT when it is as they actually reached out to me earlier this year about the show which I greatly accepted tthe idea to recap the show! 

                  You guys will be the ones to know first if something is going off air or changes to the programming of Everything About Reality TV, I will be letting you guys know way in advance that there is change. I am always on the updates with you guys and that is probably one of my best qualities and you are most definitely the first to know and what the plan is moving forward. Honestly I do not have a plan, right now everything is being played by ear at this point of time.


    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    Everything About Reality TV Post Winter/Spring Season

                  Now that Everything About Reality TV is now on HIATUS until June 30th, exactly 27 days from today, yes! I am definitely counting down and excited to be recording Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5. I am always happy to be covering Reality TV shows but it is nice to be off for a few weeks to rest and get ready for the upcoming season! It also gives time to wind down and keep an eye out for the cast for both shows and prepare for the Preview Podcast the week before it begins. I do got confirmations on shows for the Fall but waiting for the late summer to post it up officially announce what I will be covering in the Fall but got an idea what will be covered and what will not and Hell's Kitchen will be not returning back on the EAR TV Schedule but is coming out this fall but will be watching it in the fall though. I want to make my primary focus for Everything About Reality TV to Survivor, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada. But you will always be seeing me tweet or even blog about Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, Masterchef Canada & Masterchef Junior.  I am very, very happy with the results of this Reality TV season I covered on Everything About Reality TV this season that just concluded, however a few things that I could probably most likely improve on this summer when the podcast returns:

    1) Redo the intro to the podcast and improve on the intro to the podcast, same intro theme which is royalty free obviously, wanna stay legit with it and has worked well for the podcast, just my voice over part needs to be updated and maybe a bit better and the volume of my voice through my mixer could be a bit lower then it has been but this intro has worked and you guys seem to like it but I wanna change things up a bit and I got a few ideas on my mind how to do this new intro and trust me you will actually like this one too! 

    2) Work on my sound, tweaking my sound over the next 2 - 3 weeks between preview podcasts and making my sound is good quality and ready to go when recaps start back up at the end of the month of June. 

                 So as you can see, I am working around the clock still and blogging still but also tweaking my sound and the intro to the podcast and getting the preview podcast ready for recording the week before the BB19 game begins for us fans and The Amazing Race Canada starts! I am not planning any other type of podcast for the next 2 weeks until the Preview Podcast comes out and including talking about the rumors and what my friends Eric and Dave told me. But hopefully by the preview podcast you will hear the new intro. Finally this is insight what is to come for this delightful and fun podcast talking about Reality TV!

    Have a great Saturday! Might do a second post later on today!