Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Do I Think Their Will Be A Big Brother US 21?

           Well, Do I Think There Will Be A Big Brother US 21? It is hard to say as I have heard from sources and as you know I want to have remember there is liable sources to the answers and I know a few things that I read up: Julie's contract would still have to be renewed or is good with the controversy with her what happened in the summer, I am just not sure. I heard it has been renewed quietly by the source I-ClickTV but I know it can be a reliable source as they actually follow me on Social Media! We will not know until they publicly announce that they are either cancelling the series or they will end up renewing so it is really up in the  air to what will happen and all we really have to do right now is just wait and see but I got some very odd gut feelings and no it's not my flu acting up again and you will see further into today's post. You have to make sure it is a liable source that in fact if the show is cancelled or not. 

               I have a funny feeling we will know further as we are head into the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother US comes and if we do not hear anything throughout the season then I am starting to figure out they will mention it at the 3 week season of Celebrity Big Brother? That could a be a very possible chance of happening! That is what I am kind of thinking as a super fan of the show but never know. Worse comes to worse I am thinking it will definitely will out by the end of the season before Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Big Brother Canada 7 start up so that is what my thoughts are that it will happen hopefully by end of the season.

               After analyzing things in this blog, I do think it has a very strong feeling they will be back with the ratings being OK and I thought season 20 was a good season but you are allowed to have your opinion but please keep it civil in the comments. However the concern I am having is Julie the host of Big Brother with the controversy with her husband it is quesitonable but she wants to continue on with Big Brother which is good tho so I know she will be back but if CBS decides to let her go there has been other names brought up, Marissa Jaret Winokur  or Ross Matthew from Celebrity Big Brother could take over. Or the other option is our Arisa Cox from up here north of the border which would be really cool as well. Actually I wouldn't mind any of the 3 on the list to do it but let's not go that far as of yet as we do not know the fate of our favorite Summer time, Reality TV show. Just be patient, when they are ready to announce it they will announce it down the road. 


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