Thursday, December 27, 2018

When Did I First Broadcast With A Microphone and Mixer?

            Wow this brings me back 6 years ago when I first inquired this mixer and microphones by a donation which since then that mixer has been retired and thrown away as it was an old mixer and it lasted me about 3 years which is not bad but that is when I had to dig into my pocket for a new mic as the other one pretty much bit the dust so it was falling apart of the sound not picking up. So that is when you guys know I picked up my Audio Technica PRO 31 which is still used in this very studio to this very day!  The mic was the first thing to go so I remember using the new microphone on the first mixer I ever had before the Samson MDR624 made it's way into this studio. The of course the mixer I had here in the studio which was an Radio Shack Mixer which was good and I prefer the faders over the knobs which I currently have knobs at this moment but down the road when I need a new one, it will have faders instead. I believe the old mics were also radio shack, one worked the other was dead not working no matter what setting I had it on.

              It was my first ever mixer and I will not forget it and boy it was a heavy mixer compare to the board I have now and I got plans for this mixer I got now and only reason the Radio Shack went was because it shorted out on channels on me and plus it was an really old microphone and mixer I'm talking like 20 something odd years old and it was thanks to one of Kerry's Place staff for donating it to The Video Projects Team back in the good old days. Was it worth getting a little more professional as a broadcaster with the microphone and mixer? Yes of course it was! I still to this day active with broadcasting, I just needed the XLR output as I now have a condenser microphone as you guys know and in a little more in a professional setting at this point too. 


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