Friday, December 28, 2018

I've Made a Crucial Decision With My Podcasts.....

                Tonight was a barn burning decision I hate to make but let me go through what happened tonight. I went on Twitch to do a Brandt Steele which is a website with a simulator of seasons of Reality TV and I wanted to do one Live and people seem to enjoyed it even though some of my regulars were not there but it doesn't matter the fact someone followed me then unfollowed the channel that really ticked me the heck off and that did not sit well with me as I was one pretty upset individual person. I was on a rampage I was slamming doors and I think I fell asleep for an hour and a half so I cooled off. After all this power outage we had here in the house and this includes the studio too in the basement I made the decision to stay Audio ONLY. Why you may ask. Twitch I feel hasn't changed since I left in 2016 and the fact I said I am retired from broadcasting kind of has affected me in some way as I made a promise to myself that I would never broadcast again after the entire fiasco I went back right into total dejavu and I feel totally stupid to have done this move without thinking of the consequences or what happened before. There was no other option as YouTube we all know is dying. 

                I should know both "Everything About Reality TV" & "The CBOTW Show" Podcasts are doing just fine on Audio Only Platforms. In fact they are now on 8 - 10 different platforms now and growing rapidly each and every week and actually the views been up a bit more then usual but I really do not care about the views too much but it totally shocks the heck out of me it's a growing podcast and it will just keep on getting bigger from here on out. So I definitely am on the right track right now and I should continue to be on that right track if I want to continue to be a big success in the podcasts I record for both respective podcasts. You probably are all confused what the heck I even mean but you will see in a moment and I think I should play things safe then trying new things out and I am not afraid to take risks but I think I might of over stepped my boundaries in this going to Twitch. I really feel that Everything About Reality TV did not belong on the platform. 

               So what is the plan from here on out? Well I am planning to stick with Audio ONLY from here on out and continue to grow the podcast and the podcasts on other platforms down the road. Also I plan on growing the subscribers as they are slowly growing each and every week and as you know I have gotten emails that people have listened from certain platforms which is awesome to hear people are able to discover the podcast. I guess it wasn't meant to be on video platforms. If it wasn't for YouTube slowly dying, the adpocolypse and the family friendly content, I would of either stayed on the platform or moved the podcast to it's own channel and did Audio ONLY too but I am not going to take a risk with YouTube at this point as you guys would not get notified or YouTube would take it down. I am happy with my decision and it is the best move for me at this point. 


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