Saturday, December 29, 2018

Planning To Do Some Homemade Baking In The New Year!

           As you guys know I am planning to being on a diet again in the New Year which isn't far from now actually and I actually started maintaining 222 pounds for right now and plan on it. I know the the Banana Nut, I will need flour, brown sugar and of course walnuts but the recipe we do is a low fat recipe which is good for me as you know I am currently trying to lose the weight and what a better recipe to do at this current time even though the 4 or 5 pounds within a 3 to 4 day span wasn't my doing. But anything low fat will be good during this diet with once and a while having a fattier meal which is a different blog post on Sunday morning I will be talking about it. Also I want to make Oatmeal cookies as it is  a bit on the healthier side of things and I haven't made those in years but it is on my list of baking. I wanna take up more cooking and baking honestly and I find it as a de-stresser especially. Not only that it is very relaxing to do too. I have a few recipes I want to actually bake such as Coconut macaroons which shouldn't be too hard to make but without the cherry on top though. 

            It is also an excuse to spend some time with my mom too, some mother and son bonding time even though I have promised her to finished Celebrity Family Feud up which I haven't yet. A lot of the recipes I have learned was from her recipe book which will be here when my parents aren't around which won't be for a long time. But I learn her recipes as they are good when you follow the exact recipe to a tee. I am looking forward to being at the counter and baking up a storm of some goodies. I also want to make Chocolate Cookies with my niece and nephew if we manage to have em on a weekend but can be a PA Day on a Friday where we can do it as I know they will have some PA Days coming up in the New Year I am pretty sure of it. Why the heck not share the experience of baking with them. I am sure they will be great little helpers but I said about mid month of this exact month so that is my plan come January is to start baking and not only that but start learning to cook different dishes as well.


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